People Are Mocking Trump For Seemingly Forgetting The National Anthem

In Trump’s view, the peaceful protest is disrespectful to our very nation, rather than part of a long history of trying to change the country for the better through demonstration:

The Daily Dotreports that Trump made a big stink about his own love of flag and country right before going to Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta to kick off the national championship game between the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama.

But when it came time to actually sing the anthem, things didn’t go so hot.

It kind of seems like Trump doesn’t actually know the song?

Maybe he just doesn’t know where he is, or he’s thinking about the two scoops of ice cream waiting for him at home in front of the TV and the warm blare of Fox News.

Maybe he was disoriented because he was reportedly booed as he entered the arena. At certain points, he gave up on singing entirely:

People couldn’t help but point out the hypocrisy of the president seemingly not even bothering to prepare for this public event where he would surely be scrutinized:

The National Anthem is a long and complicated song, and most people don’t know the whole thing by heart. But when you’re a nationalistic president who is constantly berating people about their levels of patriotism, people certainly expect you to show up prepared. 

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22 Selfies That Remind Us National Selfie Day Sucks

It’s National Selfie Day, which to some is more important than Christmas. Social media is full of celebration, if you count people posting countless selfies as celebration. But selfies aren’t all they’re made out to be, take these masterpieces that prove National Selfie Day is a total waste of time. 

  1. It’s so nice that he’s helping her use the toilet…


  2. When squirrels attack.


  3. Oh God…

  4. Time out, mommas gonna take a selfie.


  5. What on Earth?


  6. Doing some late night shopping.


  7. “Do you mind? I’m trying to poop here…”


  8. Maybe help your child?


  9. That’s nasty.


  10. That for your Tinder?


  11. You couldn’t have waited?


  12. WHY?

  13. Ouch.


  14. Who pees like this?!


  15. Check the mirror.


  16. Nature is so beautiful.


  17. Seems legit.


  18. Get this man a Darwin award.


  19. That poor dog.


  20. “This is going to get me so many likes.”


  21. Please don’t arrest me.

  22. Just making some ramen.


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