Mom Shares Horrifying Photo Of Why You Should Never Join Your Kid On A Slide

Some of my fondest childhood memories involved me doing things that weren’t exactly safe, especially by today’s standards.

When I think about the old-school, steel playgrounds we would run and hang around on, or that dragon made out of old tires at Link Elementary that poetically had a wasp’s nest just hanging in its jaws, I think that maybe a few adjustments could’ve been made to keep kids safer.

Although, on the other hand, no one was injured all that seriously, so maybe a little danger is good for children? It’s tough to decide, but what I do know is that the surefire way to suck the fun out of something is to talk about how dangerous it is and get all Mr. or Mrs. Worst-Case-Scenario on people.


But there are some seemingly innocuous activities that could result in some serious injuries for kids. Take a look at this photo of a mother going down a slide with her adorable one-year-old daughter, Meadow. What do you see?


If you’re looking at the unnatural angle Meadow’s leg is turning in, then you spotted what’s wrong in this photo.

The baby’s sneaker caused traction on the slide, as she doesn’t understand the concept of keeping her legs straight in front of her yet. As a result, the weight of Clare bore down the slide and sadly, broke her little daughter’s leg.


Clare wrote about the scary day in a Facebook post, urging other parents not to the make the same mistake she did and, as cute as it is, not to ride down the slide with their babies.

Clare shares her ‘PSA’ every single year, and mentions that it’s one of the most common summertime injuries parents bring their children into the ER for.

So every year I do a PSA on going down a slide with your child on your lap. When Meadow was 12 months old (I went down with Matthew first, but he was lucky) , I went down the slide with her on my lap and her foot got caught between me and the slide. This picture is the moment her leg was breaking. She’s still smiling… because it was happening at this exact moment. When we went to the ER, the super empathetic 🙄 doctor lectured me on how common this injury is. I had no idea. I thought everyone took their kids down the slide. I strongly feel every playground should have a warning sign, but since I’ve never seen one (and we go to ALOT of playgrounds), I share this picture every year in hopes that the pain Meadow felt and the guilt that I still feel will save other babies and parents from the same. Don’t ever go down a slide with a baby on your lap. There is no SAFE way to go down a slide with your little.

Predictably, there were tons of parents who were quick to judge Clare for riding down a slide with her daughter, saying that knowing not to do that is pretty much “common sense.”


In her defense though, I didn’t know how harmful it could potentially be and that so many children get sent to the hospital for it. Inevitably, Clare had to dispel the idea that she was recklessly endangering her child and drive home the fact that this was a freak accident that happens to many parents.

ETA: For all of the common sense posts… it is literally one of the top 3 reasons young children are seen in the ER during the Spring and Summer.

For everyone commenting on how I am holding my daughter. We didn’t start this way. She was centered on my lap. When I realized what was happening, I used my top hand to try to stop us and leaned to release her foot. I wasn’t riding down the slide with her on one side and leaning. That’s “common sense.”🙄


There are tons of articles and studies out there that stress how common of a mistake this is, and plenty of parents have made that mistake, which either resulted in close-calls or really bad injuries for their children.

Now if you really want to get yourself freaked out, you can check out this list of the most common playground injuries. Some of them actually sound downright horrifying. Like swing sets breaking because of faulty or rusted chains. Imagine swinging your toddler and then all of a sudden they go sailing through the air because of some old chains? Try testing them out first.


You’ll also want to watch out for “pinch” hazard rides and equipment. They could result in cut or amputated limbs. Yikes.


Kids also can their heads/body parts stuck in holes that are just big enough to fit through, so if you have a notoriously squirmy youngun, watch out for those.


Exposed bits of metal and rusty, nails and/or screws can also turn a harmless play session into a visit to the tetanus shot fairy.


The best thing to be is prepared whenever you take your kid’s out to play. Thankfully for Heather Clare and her daughter Meadow, the little baby bounced back from her injury and is looking happier than ever.


You can have fun without being an overly-protective helicopter parent, but striking that balance is the challenging part.

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Guy Learns The Hard Way Why You Should Never Body Shame A Woman On Twitter

Leyton Mokgerepi probably thought he was creating a relatable meme when he tweeted this:

What ended up happening, however, was the complete opposite. People immediately ostracized him online for posting a fat joke at another woman’s expense. A woman, who, actually looks pretty darn good in her photo, if you ask me. And most importantly, of course, is that women don’t have to meet any one standard of beauty, and don’t exist just for other people to find them attractive.

Something that other Twitter users were quick to point out as well.

And as it turns out, because the internet is a place full of cats and karma, and in this case, boatloads of karma, the woman in the photo Leyton tried shaming came out, on the record, that she in fact doesn’t like him.

He tried to save face after her post by calling her, “Girlfriend Goals.”

But it was clear for all to see it was a feeble attempt, so Twitter reminded him of how badly he was dragged.

Her tweet even caught the attention of some celebs.

At the end of it all, @Thickleeyonce was floored by the positive response people had for her after Leyton’s initial attempt to shame her.

So the next time you try to body shame someone online, remember: you might just get dragged.

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There Is A Hidden Meaning In The Division Sign You've Probably Never Noticed

On Monday, Twitter user Abdul Dremali tweeted an observation about the division symbol that quickly went viral for making everyone see their childhood math lessons differently.

According to BuzzFeed, there’s some anecdotal truth to this idea. While the symbol, known as an obelus, was once used to signify uncertainty in a quotation or even subtraction, it isn’t clear why it was eventually adopted as a division symbol in 1659. But math teachers have used it ever since to help teach students that division is just making two numbers into a simplified fraction—and it isn’t the only symbol in which Twitter users have noted a clever design.

And guess what—‰ is called the permille and ‱ is called the permyriad. You can see how they get their names—per cent means per hundred and per mille means per thousand, derived from Latin. A “myriad” is an outdated way to say ten thousand.

That one’s not technically math, but I bet you never realized that (or, at least I didn’t). For many of these, I just wish I knew the meanings of the symbols when I was struggling in elementary school math.

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These 35 Haircut Fails Will Make You Never Want To Try A New Hairdo

I’ve had the same haircut for 27 years and I have no idea how to explain it to people. The closest I can come is just “standard male haircut,” which most people seem to understand, but is still pretty vague. 

This causes some problems whenever I go to the barber and they ask me what I want. I don’t want to say “standard male haircut,” because they might think I am making fun of their profession. So instead I just say, “Uh, shorter.” 

Thankfully, that always does the trick and I leave with exactly what I wanted. Still, I am always afraid that my requests are so vague that I’ll walk away looking like one of these guys. 

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Elizabeth Banks Blasts Steven Spielberg For Never Casting Female Leads–Twitter Corrects Her

Actress Elizabeth Banks might think to research a bit more before she criticizes a director.

During Wednesday night’s Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards, at which Banks was honored for her work directing Pitch Perfect 2, the actress called out Steven Spielberg, saying, “I went to Indiana Jones and Jaws and every movie Steven Spielberg ever made. And by the way, he’s never made a movie with a female lead. Sorry, Steven. I don’t mean to call your ass out, but it’s true.”

Banks continued her speech by encouraging the audience to go to movies featuring women, which is a noble and valid point.

But while Spielberg’s movies have mostly starred male actors, Banks missed a few important films in her criticism, most notably The Color Purple, which starred Whoopi Goldberg and was nominated for 11 Oscars, including Best Picture.

Twitter noticed the slight. And they weren’t happy about it.

Other Spielberg films with female leads include the 1974 Goldie Hawn-led The Sugarland Express, and last year’s The BFG, which featured young actress Ruby Barnhill.

While those films could have slipped Banks’ mind, forgetting “The Color Purple” didn’t do the actress any favors:

Many on Twitter felt that Banks was only thinking of herself:

Some got what Banks was going for, but they still called her out:

But for many, it was the first they’d heard of Elizabeth Banks:

Something good could still come of the gaffe:

Banks later apologized.

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22 Funniest History Facts You Never Learned In School

I will preface this by saying our sources from the time are sketchy at best, so this may not have happened, but I digress:

We all know Charlemagne yes? King of the Franks and all that. Well, while he did a great deal for the Frankish legacy, he wasn’t the first independent Frankish king. That honour went to a guy named Childeric, and this dude must have been fine as fuck because his sexual escapades are insane.

So Childeric was actually king twice, but he never got usurped – nope, he was instead exiled, not for killing anyone or shit like that, just because he fucked so many of the Frankish noble’s wives. Genuinely, the sources tell us he was banished because all the lords realised that their wives were all cheating on them with the same dude, and so told the king to fuck off. So he duly did, and ended up in the court of another barbarian king as an ally to him. During this time, he got into the royal court, got chatting with the king’s wife, and you guessed it, diddled the lass. Following this, rather than keeping it a thing on the down-low, Childeric straight up declared that he was marrying the wife, ran off with her, and brought her back to the nobles that thought they were finally rid of the horny bastard.

Fortunately for women everywhere, this queen seems to have had a bit of mettle, because nothing else is written about him running off with any other important women. Instead he had a son, a lad named Clovis, and thus began the rise of the Frankish Empire that spawned modern day Germany and France.

So two modern European nations have a grandfather who was just a massive horny fuck.

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11 Sushi Creations We Never Knew We Needed

As we turn our attention away from politics for a brief moment to grieve and process Tuesday’s disastrous election results, our minds end up wandering to our most enduring comfort — food. 

So, instead of fighting your racist relatives on Facebook and Twitter, turn to Instagram to behold the glorious food creations that the culinary arts have bestowed upon us! They’re colorful, innovative, and … maybe disgusting?

If Instagram is any indication, ‘sushi’ has become a loose term – and we’ll turn it into just about anything. The question is: are these sushi hybrids delicious or disgusting? 

  1. Vegan Sushi Donuts

    While nothing can match the glory of a regular donut, these certainly come close. If you have some culinary talents, check out the recipe here. 

  2. Sushi Burritos

    This monster sushi roll combines the two (objectively) greatest foods on the planet, so there’s really no going wrong here. 

  3. Sushi Sandwiches

    Since regular sandwiches are soooo 2015, give these a try. 

  4. Sushi Bake

    This Hawaiian dish, which is essentially a California roll lasagna / casserole hybrid, is taking over Instagram — and it’s (allegedly) not impossible to make

  5. Sushi Pizza

    Your pizza parties just got a lot classier. 

  6. Candy Sushi

    …Okay, we always knew we needed this. 

  7. Teriyaki Chicken Sushi Burgers

    Needing to make one of these ASAP? Find the recipe here

    …Or this might make you want to vomit.

  8. Salmon Sushi Burgers

  9. Sushi Tacos

    Feeling hangry and needing a hybrid of your favorite foods RIGHT NOW? You can find the recipe here

  10. Ice Cream Sushi

    This might be the classy comfort food to eat while sobbing on our couches, mourning the end of Obama’s presidency and the impending doom of Trump. 

    It certainly seems more dignified than downing a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, no?

  11. Hot Dog Sushi

    If raw fish doesn’t do it for ya, why not give this a try?

    Besides, this might be the key to forcing your annoyingly picky friends to try sushi. Even if it is a crime against food. 

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Robert De Niro Lays Into Donald Trump In Leaked Advert That Never Aired

A few days ago, Robert De Niro featured alongside a slew of other celebrities in an impartial video to try and encourage people to get out to vote in November. Titled ‘What do you care about?’ the video discussed the issues that matter most to those celebrities.

But it turns out that most of Robert De Niro’s recording had to be cut. Why? He went an amazing rant about Donald Trump, adding that he’d like to “punch him in the face.” The Kelly File was able to obtain the footage. 

Just in case you wanted that amazing rant in full:

“He’s so blatantly stupid. He’s a punk, he’s a dog, he’s a pig […] a mutt who […] doesn’t do his homework, doesn’t care. He’s an idiot. Colin Powell said it best: He’s a national disaster. He’s an embarrassment to this country. 

“It makes me so angry that this country has gotten to this point that this fool, this bozo, has wound up where he has. He talks how he wants to punch people in the face? Well, I’d like to punch him in the face. This is somebody that we want for president? I don’t think so. What I care about is the direction of this country, and what I’m very, very worried about is that it might go in the wrong direction with someone like Donald Trump. If you care about your future, vote for it.”

Kendall Jenner, Leonardo DiCaprio and Sarah Hyland were among those who were impartial enough to actually make it into the original video. 

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This Bleeding Shark Teabag Is The Kitchen Item You Never Knew You Needed

If you happen to be a tea drinker with a predilection for gore, or if you just like owning gross items that will make your houseguests uncomfortable, your dream kitchen item has arrived. Daisho Fishery Company, a Japanese seafood export company, created a line of disturbing tea bags in the shapes of sharks…. Teabags that will simulate a shark attack when dropped in water. What’s not to love?

Sure, these teabags look innocent enough…

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.29.37 AM

They’re the perfect additions to a little aquatic-themed tea party! Customers will have a choice of two different sharks and flavors: the great white shark, filled with rose hip and hibiscus, or the whale shark which is filled with green tea. 

They even come with little tags in the shapes of divers and boats!


Perhaps they drag the tags with them into the water to make things more realistic.

But then you drop them in hot water, and tea gushes out… And it looks gory AF.


Black Lively certainly made shark attacks look good in The Shallows, so how bad could they be?

And we ask you: who doesn’t want to drink a messy shark attack?


Daisho is currently crowdfunding for the project on Makuake so they can mass produce the bleeding sharks. They’re hoping to raise one million yen (around $ 9500) in three months. And, weirdly enough, they’re well on their way to their goal.

In case you needed a more compelling visual, check out the video of the teabags at work. 

(h/t mentalfloss)

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