The Troll Story in Norway

When you are walking in the forest and along the river at night, remember you are not alone. There are little elves in the forest, and people in Norway call them the trolls.


Every nation has its own tradition legends about spirits. And for Norway, it is the troll. The trolls have long red nose, massive hair, and somewhat ugly. They are said to be the spirit of trees and the earliest conquer of Norway. The trolls are in charge of the night and the Norwegians are in charge of the day.


The first day I stepped into the earth of Norway, the sculptures of the trolls started to grab my eyes. They were really every where. They are at the doors of shops, in the train stations, by the street of the city and at the door of someone’s house. The bigger ones can be 2 meters tall and the smaller ones can be put into the pockets. But don’t try to make troubles with those little demons. I took a lot of photos of them as a sign of friendliness. At last I even brought a troll with a long braid back home.


The troll is the mascot of Norway. Many Norwegian grow up listening to the stories of the trolls. In those stories, the trolls are the earliest habitants in this land. They had families and people were divided into different tribes and they had their own kings. For example beside the lakes in the forests, there lived a kind of trolls named Nakens. They lived in the water. And besides the waterfalls and mills lived a kind of trolls named Falthergramenn, who were pretty good at playing violin. In one of those stories a famous violinist was once the student of the trolls.


The most interesting story about the trolls is that they sleep during the day and start doing thing at night. But once they play so happily and forget to hide themselves before the sun comes out, they will be turned into stones. In the stories, the trolls like to have porridge and it is said that their long noses are used to blend the porridge. So during Christmas the local people will put a bowl of porridge at the door of their houses for the trolls to enjoy their time of Christmas. The trolls are becoming more and more friendly.

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