Guy Edits Himself Into Band's Wikipedia Page To Sneak Into VIP Lounge

Regular concert goers know the importance of arriving early at a venue when there isn't any assigned seating. After all, no one wants to get stuck in the very back of a GA show, craning to see the stage over everyone's bobbing heads and cell phone lights. This is infinitely more important if the band playing happens to be popular in your area because you know the place is bound to be packed.

Adam Boyd went to see The Sherlocks perform in Manchester, UK with a few friends, but got to the venue late and as a result had a pretty crappy view. Where Adam Boyd failed, Drunk Adam Boyd came to the rescue with a creative solution that made him the envy of every rule-following concert goer in the world.

wiki 1

The band consists of two pairs of brothers, but they got another family member courtesy of Boyd's fast-moving Wikipedia edit.

wiki 2

This isn't the first time a fan has used a Wikipedia edit to get a better view of the band, and it most likely won't be the last. He shared evidence of his shenanigans on Facebook, who in turn shared it with the rest of the world.

facebook 2facebook

No word on whether the bouncer charged with guarding the VIP room faced any repercussions, but after hearing about the story, it seems like the headliners for the night didn't mind.

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Ted Cruz Trolls Sports Page That Made Fun Of His Senate Basketball Games

Ted Cruz had it pretty rough when he was fighting to win the GOP primary that ultimately went to Trump. He was constantly ridiculed and was made into several memes, the most popular of which likened him to the Zodiac Killer, up until the moment he admitted defeat.

Memes like this.

ted cruz meme 2

And this.

When he lost, he remained defiant and stood up against Trump, who regularly insulted Cruz’s wife and family during the primaries. Just when the internet started showing their approval for a man who refused to debase himself to potentially secure a position if Trump were elected, he came out with a statement in support of Trump, brushing aside the insults and humiliation that the current president subjected him to, and even helped make phone calls to ensure people would come out and vote, which was remixed almost immediately because of how sad he looked in it.

Deadspin is a sports website that reports on literally anything related to sports, and they asked Twitter for pictures of Ted Cruz playing basketball after finding out the senator started holding a weekly basketball game for him and his buddies in senate to help them become better friends, noting that someone said he had a pretty good jumpshot but also terrible, horrible form.

Cruz himself was the first to respond and did so with a photo of Grayson Allen, a Duke basketball star that resembles Cruz enough for thousands of people to have taken notice.

Ted’s prize:

And our reward:

I’ve never met anyone that liked Ted Cruz, but today, the internet loved him, or at least his expert handling of the exchange.

Cruz had better hope that no one takes a photo of another senator dunking on him because Deadspin is more than ready to make a story out of it now.

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