This Story Of A Boyfriend Helping His Depressed Partner Is Relationship Goals

An Imgur user named roasted Iguana reached out with her story of chronic depression on the photo-sharing platform, and one guy who helped her break through to the other side of her depressive episode.

According to her post, she has ups and downs with her mental health, but on a particular day when she didn’t want to even get out of bed her boyfriend swooped in to the rescue—and piled all of this crap on top of her:

There are many tactics for addressing chronic depression, and if you’re having similar issues, please reach out for professional help. But friends, lover and family can all find ways to be supportive.

What worked for RoastedIguana (great user name, BTW), might be a thing that would deeply upset another person struggling through the moment, but presumably her boyfriend knows her pretty well. What he did would annoy the crap out of me on my best day, but it worked for her.

It was kind of a pile on—no matter how RoastedIguana tried to retreat from life, her boyfriend kept piling more life on top. You don’t want tea? You’re gonna get tea.

Oh, and here’s a pic of the cat, for the record:

But in the end, RoastedIguana was able to write about her experience, because it worked:

People are touched by this story:

Depression is something that needs to be fought everyday, and supporting someone in the way they need is one of the greatest gifts you can offer them. Even if it’s just putting the cat on their head.

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