21 People That Shouldn't Be Allowed To Post On The Internet

We’ve all come across a post or two that made us wince.  Maybe it was from someone you met while out of state, or a family member of a good friend that you’ve met once or twice.  

Occasionally though, we see a post that makes our soul wince.  A few people did, and decided to screecap the posts so everyone else has to suffer through what they did.

  1. Like this wife who posted her husband’s late night browsing history on Facebook instead of talking to him about it


  2. Or this guy that should’ve probably sent a PM instead


  3. This fact-checking movie critic


  4. This really, really single guy


  5. This catch


  6. This well-wisher


  7. This hair enthusiast


  8. This exotic food connoisseur


  9. This man that needs to have something explained to him


  10. This aspiring scholar


  11. Or this grateful gift receiver


  12. This grateful spouse


  13. This guy that reconnects with people once a year


  14. This. Just…all of this.


  15. This apologetic daughter


  16. This curious individual


  17. This entrepreneur


  18. Hopefully she isn’t talking about her son


  19. This apologetic soul


  20. This guy that loves surprising people


  21. And this Prince Charming


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People Are Losing Their Minds While Trying To Find The Cell Phone In This Photo

In order to momentarily distract ourselves from the tragedy and political strife that’s plaguing our world, we might as well turn to the Internet for a little useless entertainment. For those of us who love optical illusions (or Where’s Waldo), this is the jackpot. In the image below, there is a cell phone lying somewhere on a rug. And no, it’s not digitally edited in, it just has a patterned phone case that nicely matches the decor. 

Jeya May Cruz, a sales representative at Dell, first posted this photo to Facebook, challenging people to find the phone. 

As with any optical illusion, it takes forever to find and then you can’t remember how you didn’t see it immediately. But, in all fairness, this is a very inconspicuous phone case. 

Found it? If not, behold: 

facebook / someecards

Now you can’t stop seeing it, right?

The infuriating camouflaging phone went viral almost immediately.

In less than a week, the photo racked up 121,000 likes and over 15,000 shares on Facebook. 

…We hope everyone enjoyed their few seconds of frustration that had nothing to do with death or guns. (h/t someecards)

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People Share Why They Got Fired And Some Of Them Are Hard To Sympathize With

Getting fired from a job is pretty serious…sometimes.  People took to Twitter to share their stories once the #GotFiredBecause hashtag emerged.  

While some were serious, many were able to joke about it since they were probably tweeting from the comfort of their new job’s work desk.  Let’s hope HR doesn’t decide to check in.

He might have a case here:

Some didn’t meet the prerequisites for the hashtag, but participated anyway:

This guy decided to expose a trade secret:

Going to have to side with management on this one:

That’s two for management:

Pokemon Master is a real job, isn’t it?

Uh oh:

I actually replaced the person that did this at my last job:

It’s all about who you know, after all:

A warning for everyone else today:

I thought everyone used hotels for this:

Only on Fridays:

You should’ve started it with, “No offense, but…”

Freaking leg prisons:

Three for Management:

That’s like, your opinion man:

To be fair, once you go past 2, 6 is the next logical point to stop:

This guy is officially the worst:

They were probably scrubs anyway:

Failed for not taking any probably:

Need to get those shades with the eyeballs painted on from the zoo:

It’s like Highlander, but with two weeks paid vacation:


You were too good for that place anyway:

But ultimately:

Where you ever fired for an absurd reason? 

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21 People Anonymously Share The Secrets They're Taking To The Grave

If you’ve ever played the original Tomb Raider you’ll know that the game had a pretty stupid saving function: you could save at any point in time in the game. 

Like right before Lara Croft was tumbling in a pit towards her very doom. The Playstation version of the game didn’t have an auto-save function either, so wherever you saved it, that’s where you had to pick the game up at.

So a friend of mine, let’s call him Jack, decided to play his older brother’s (John) file of Tomb Raider where he had made it to the game’s final dungeon, because Jack couldn’t be bothered of going through all of the trouble of making it to the end himself. Jack heard the twist of the front door and John’s voice, so, in a panic, he mashed a bunch of buttons and accidentally saved the game as he was falling into a pit. This was some 19 years ago and John still has no idea Jack ruined Tomb Raider for him.

It’s a story Jack will take to the grave, as are these tales a bunch of Redditors decided to share online.

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People Are Raging Over This Magazine's Cover Photo Of The Upcoming Ghostbuster Movie

Total Film, a popular UK based film monthly magazine, is in hot water with fans of a movie that is no stranger to controversy.

In case you haven’t had access to the internet for the past year, the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot reimagines the original paranormal investigation and extermination troop as women, which turned out to be the equivalent of lighting a fire and running. (Or getting the UK out of the EU and then resigning from your post. Same thing, really.)

While some people have expressed creative concerns with the upcoming film:

Others simply can’t wrap their heads around the movie having female leads:

It’s no surprise then, that the Twittersphere ignited with anger once people got a glimpse of Total Film’s latest cover, which has Chris Hemsworth, a who plays a supporting character in the movie as their secretary, is front and center on the cover of the magazine.

Total Film’s editor-in-chief, Jane Crowther, responded to the accusations in an interview with Metro:

“This film has attracted ugly criticism from the get-go and I was always determined to put a female-led blockbuster on Total Film’s cover. We supported the film from the beginning and interviewed everyone for this feature –  director, Paul Feig, the leads (Wiig, McCarthy, Jones and McKinnon) and Hemsworth. And our feature frankly discusses the sexism and backlash against the film with all those we talked to. Not sexist at all – but if it gets people talking about, and more aware of, sexism – and gets bums on seats for a female-led summer blockbuster all to the good.”

It’s safe to say that the magazine didn’t intent to play into the misogynistic attitude that has been following the film since its announcement, but you can see how initial observations would have people think otherwise.

In May, a campaign launched by trolls with wifi access was successful in making the trailer for the new Ghostbusters film the least liked in YouTube history.  

With less than two weeks until the film’s nationwide debut and reviews still to come, you can expect the misogynistic mudslingers to catch their second wind soon enough.

Ghostbusters will be in theaters nationwide on July 15th, 2016.

h/t metro

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18 Scandalous Confessions From People Who've Slept With Customers At Work

I’ve never slept with a customer. Mostly because of the caliber of people who visited the small town grocery store where I used to work. But apparently sleeping with customers is a pretty common deed, these people took to Whisper to confess what they’ve done…

  1. I had sex with a customer from work.. and I would totally do it again.
  2. I
  3. I slept with a client at work today in the bathroom. Now I
  4. I had sex with my client to achieve my sales target and get a promotion
  5. Long time ago I slept with a customer from my cafe, she was much older than me and to this day im hooked on older women!!
  6. At my last job, I slept with a customer...he
  7. I
  8. I had sex with a potential client on my desk at work..after I refused business with his company bc I didn
  9. I had sex with a customer at my work in the dressing room. nobody knows and I don
  10. I had sex with a customer of a store that I work at, I
  11. I slept with a customer who didn
  12. I work with customers and about a year ago I started having sex with them. A lucky guy or girl says the right thing and we go in the back.
  13. Just had sex with a customer in my office, I
  14. I had sex with a customer at the gas station i work at. And she liked it, she said will cone for more but we will see. Hope my boss didn
  15. I have had sex with a customer. Not on the clock or at the store but I went to his house after my shift
  16. I slept with a customer on the clock one day. We snuck into the dressing room, most thrilling 10 minutes of my life
  17. A customer came to me to complain about something but we ended up having sex, and I didn
  18. I know going into work tomorrow is going to be awkward because I slept with a customer who comes in everyday

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People Are Sharing What It's Like Growing Up With A 'Weird' Name And It's Hilarious

I’m 30 years old. My name is Mustafa. Until before 1994 and the release of The Lion King, few people got my name wrong. Now, everyone calls me “Mufasa” before finally getting my name right. It’s fine, it doesn’t bother me. Not like my name existed over 1,400 years ago before the release of that children’s film.


Some of the responses to my name aren’t as innocuous. Years ago, while waiting in Port Authority watching a movie on my phone, someone tapped me on my shoulder. I took my headphones out because it was a pleasant looking young woman with a smile on her face. She asked me what I was watching, how I was able to watch movies on a phone (this was when the Netflix beta app was still a relatively new thing) and when it got to the bit where she asked me my name and I told her, her face completely changed. She got belligerent, asked me where my parents were from, and when I told her Albania, she said with a challenge, “Well I’m Serbian.” Which didn’t really bother me, but she was horrified and got up and left.

In case you don’t know the bad blood between the two countries, here’s a photograph from their Eurocup 2016 qualifier match.


I’m not the only person with a “weird” name, though, so I can’t act like no one else in the world has experienced some unusual social situations for a decision their parents made.

Now, with Twitter sharing their own #GrowingUpWithMyName stories, I can feel like less of a freak.

Roll call was a nightmare.

Celebrities ruin everything.

This is why I drink Pepsi.

Pretty much my life in a nutshell.


A for effort.

No words.

Goddamn, Disney.

And Pixar.

His music isn’t all that anyway, bro.

The madness.

Don’t feel too bad, they f*ck up “John” half the time too.


School was the worst.

My man.

But there’s always a shining star.

And that just makes your day that, much, better.

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People Are Losing Their Minds Over Starbucks' Newest Secret Purple Drink

In a world of uncertainties, there are a few constants: gravity, DJ Khaled’s Snapchats, and people going insane over the newest “secret” Starbucks drink. But long gone are the days of freaking out over Starbucks’ Pink Drink on Instagram. Indeed, the Pepto-Bismol  strawberry acai and coconut milk beverage has been overshadowed by a shiny, new, not-so-secret secret drink. 

The Internet’s newest obsession is the #PurpleDrink.

This disgustingly delicious Instagram sensation is a mix of passion fruit iced tea with soy milk, vanilla syrup, and blackberries.

Everyone has taken to Instagram to share their obsession with the world. 

Twitter has also voiced its support. 

Because #PinkDrink is so four weeks ago. 

And for those of you who have been living under a rock, here’s what you need to know about the secret menu. 

Starbucks actually has a menu of “secret drinks” online that has over two hundred recipes, including Snickerdoodle Frappuccino, Peach Cobbler Frappuccino, and Samoa Cookie Frappuccino. For those of you looking to start your day with a delicious kick of diabetes. 

…Now go spend your hard earned money on it. We await all the purple drank jokes to come. 

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26 People Share The Absolute Worst Reasons They Had Sex With Someone

We’ve all had some pretty shallow reasons as to why we had sex with someone. For lots of guys, they want to break the “dry spell” after a breakup. Sometimes you just like their hair, or think that they’re impersonation of Crang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is on point (guilty).

We’re usually not proud of these reasons and oftentimes we’d be horrified if anyone found out. But thanks to the wonder of the internet we can enjoy a little thing called anonymity.

And since not everyone in the world is a super-hacker, and since many of us are not even worthy of being hacked, people are ready and willing to share their deepest, shallowest secrets: like the worst reason why they ever had sex with someone. Thanks to Reddit, we can see these gloriously cringeworthy reasons by people kind enough to share.

  1. Tired of arguing.

  2. *Shrug*.

  3. Never for pity.


  5. That’s one way to get over a breakup.

  6. Hamburger helper.

  7. Surprise nudes.

  8. Tale as old as time.

  9. The consolation.

  10. Big mis-STEAK.

  11. Spur-of-the-moment present.

  12. Hat trick.

  13. Jumping bones.

  14. Oh my God.

  15. Tacos.

  16. Suicide screw.

  17. Idiocy.

  18. The Uncanny X-Men.

  19. Too tired to blow.

  20. Nice guys sometimes win.

  21. Sadly, all too common.

  22. Waiting for a miracle.

  23. Innkeeping.

  24. Rude if you didn’t.

  25. Tag-along.

  26. Challenge accepted.

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