25 People Talk About Their Worst Date

I had a friend who was a stereotypical neckbeard. He owned a fedora and lived in his parent’s basement. He shared his weed and video game time with me, so that was always pretty cool.

Anyhow, about five-ish years ago, when we were still friends, he tells me about this date he had with this girl. He says he isn’t sure that it ended well or not. I says, tell me what happened.

First, he says that he took her on an “all day date”. Dude, rule number one of getting to know someone, don’t take them out for an all day date. One, if not both of you will get tired. People need time apart to rest and process their thoughts.

He was a hardcore brony. He bought My Little Pony figures and re-painted them. So he thought he would be clever and gift her two or three throughout the day. He gave her the first one while they were at the zoo, if I recall correctly.

Then he tells me that he gave her another one while they were at a movie. He thought he was being clever, or cute, and stuck it partially buried into their shared popcorn. While telling me this part of his story, he seemed frustrated at her, because he thought that she was being daft for eating around the figurine.

I was like, nah dude, it was an awkward time and a weird way to continue to give someone your creepy custom painted My Little Pony figurines.

Then he says at the end of the day, she drops him off (yeah), and he smiles and waves. He says that she had to make some kind of turn and come back around. He said that he smiled and waved at her as she drove past the second time, but he said that she was just looking straight ahead and ignored him.

I didn’t really feel bad for the guy. He is a huge, huge internet troll and an asshole. He didn’t take criticism, and refused to take my input on how a grown man wearing a fedora handing out custom painted My Little Pony figurines is not what a grown woman is looking for in a relationship.

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These Parents Are Pleading With People To Stop Shooting Guns In The Air On New Year's Eve

My father once fired a gun in the air on the Fourth of July years ago when my siblings and I were kids.

Obviously, my mother was no too pleased with this, especially when anyone within a mile radius of us could hear the gunshot over the cacophony of fireworks going on — that’s how loud it was.

When I heard about this kid’s near-death experience because of someone’s celebratory gunfire, I shuddered to think what could’ve happened to me or my siblings that night.

Cameron Eli Compton was being put into his car-seat by his mother, after her and her husband waited for the celebratory gunshots and fireworks had died down on New Year’s Eve.

When she heard a “pop” she knew exactly what it was. She rushed him inside and saw a hole in his shoulder.


Doctors say had the bullet been a few inches over, the shot could’ve pierced Cameron’s vitals, resulting in a fatal wound. Thankfully, the bullet was removed from Cameron’s arm and he’s expected to make a full recovery from his injury.

Dustin Compton, Cameron’s father, posted about the ordeal and is pleading with others to not fire their guns into the air in residential areas.

I want everyone to know that this is what happens when dumb people decide to shoot their guns off on new year’s. This is Cameron Eli Compton he is my and Jaime Stclair 2 yr old son. He was shot tonight around 10:30pm on 22nd and Griffiths. I was leaving a service call to fix the heat and when his mom was putting him in his car seat when a bullet hit him in his shoulder. Thank God it’s not fatal. Pray for my son and pray even harder for the idiot that done this. I hope if someone knows anything they will do the right thing. Happy New Year everybody from me Jaime and Eli

Dustin says knows that finding the person who shot his son is next to impossible but understandably wants them found and punished as their negligence almost killed his son. (h/t kfdm)

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People Are Sharing Things That Santa Once Told Them And We Can't Stop Laughing

This year has been a long year, and with Christmas coming up, we’re finally winding things down with last minute holiday shopping and improvised travel plans with people named Lauren that still have no idea what it means to pack their things ahead of time so we can leave on time, but that’s beside the point.

While the rest of us responsible travelers were sitting around and waiting for everyone else to make this holiday weekend the stress-fest we knew it would be, the #SantaOnceToldMe hashtag surfaced and people used it to share some holiday cheer. And jeers because, you know, it’s the internet, but mainly cheer. Check them out.

  1. Let’s start off with something positive

  2. Here’s the Twitter we know and love

  3. Mind = Blown

  4. All we ever did was wreck him.

  5. Last minute tip:

  6. We’ve all had our suspicions

  7. Oof

  8. Also explains why he doesn’t mind the cold

  9. I guess cashew milk will have to do

  10. Well that’s a little different

  11. Hmph

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People Love This Little Girl Who Dressed Up As Cindy Lou Who For A Grinch Christmas Party

T’was 2 days before Christmas,
And all through the night,
Folks kept retweeting this,
Because it made them smile bright.

But what @BigAnt_Szn couldn’t have known,
Was that her tweet would go viral,
Due to the photos shown.

cindy lou
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

A photo for reference,
For those who do not know,
Why so many on Twitter,
Loved her costume so.



But there was one user,
Who was rather perplexed,
By how this little girl,
Managed to do this to her head.

That’s when @BigAntSzn replied to the dude,
Despite his phrasing being a little bit rude,
As far as how they managed to get her hair to stand up,
It turns out that they simply used a small cup.

Pretty neat all around.

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18 People Who Will Stop At Nothing To Protect Their Christmas Trees From Pets

Pets are, unquestionably, an integral part of the family, so it’s only fair that they be included in holiday celebrations. Frankly, the best owners are the ones who purchase their furbabies stockings to hang up for Santa. 

However, as angelic as our pets are, they can become complete monsters when it comes to the Christmas tree. In all fairness, the tree looks like a new toy climb and those ornaments are just asking for it. 

So, pet parents have had to take some serious measures to protect their trees. Here are some loving pet owners who are NOT messing around with the safety of their Christmas trees this year. 

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14 People Who Took Christmas Decorations To The Next Level

I’m a terrible decorator. If you’ve ever seen my idea of what a “fixed” bed looks like, you’d probably think that a second grader was behind it.

And don’t even get me started with festive decorations. Sure, I love the holidays and treating people to gifts and food and drink, but if you expect me to make a place look nice, well, you’re asking the wrong guy.

Which is why I’m mesmerized by these people who went all out on their Christmas decorations.

1. Like this guy who sawed a Christmas tree in half so it could look like it’s popping out of his home.

2. Turning old tires into enormous festive ornaments.

addicted to diy

3. This house’s Christmas display perfectly synced to a festive rock-track.

4. Another amazing Christmas light show spectacular.

5. A teacher who loves puns a little too much. 


6. This Christmas tree.

lArG2Bo (1)

7. This massive LEGO Christmas tree made from over 500,000 bricks.

500,000 bricks turn into the biggest LEGO Christmas Tree

8. These Christian and Jewish roommates who compromised on the tree.


9. This vomitarium of inflatable holiday goodness.


10. This multi-faith miracle.




12. Hopefully this mall isn’t in Tokyo or New York…


13. This gravity-defying tree. 

14. This Ohio Family’s house that literally looks like belongs to Santa.


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Indian Businessman Spends Daughter's $100,000 Wedding Budget On Homes For 90 People Instead

A rich businessman in India has reportedly used the $ 100,000 that he had intended to spend on his daughter’s wedding on building 90 small houses for the region’s poor.

Ajay Munot, a wealthy wholesale trader from the district of Aurangabad, India, set three criteria to distinguish who was eligible for a home on the two acres of land according to the Free Press Journal. They needed to be poor, live in a slum and not suffer from an addiction.

Each home is 12 by 20 square foot, has two windows and two doors and is fitted with lights and can fit a small family.

Munot’s newly-wedded daughter, Shreya, told ANI News that she was happy to forgo a big wedding to make something more permanent. She and her new husband handed over the keys to the new homeowners, calling it the “biggest gift for her wedding.”

Those who secured a home are already moving in, with one woman saying she was happy now that she and her family had easy access to water and electricity.

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Police Are Pulling People Over And Handing Out Presents Instead Of Tickets

Seeing red and blue lights in your rear view mirrors will immediately ruin your day. The sinking feeling in your stomach hits, and you instinctively take a glance at your gauges to see if you were speeding. Then the fines enter your mind.

The ticket, the court fees, paying the court’s blood money to reduce charges so your insurance rates wouldn’t skyrocket, it all adds up to a hefty fee for even the smallest of offenses. It’s inconvenient, but when it’s during the holiday season, it can be downright disastrous to shell out that kind of cash while you’re still budgeting yourself for presents.

Dylan Bullinger saw police pull a woman over in front of his shop. 

popo clause 1

She pulled into the parking lot of a 7-11, and that’s when they struck.

popo clause 2

They took presents out of their cars and stuffed them into hers.

popo clause 3

Undoubtedly, that must’ve been one heck of an emotional roller coaster for the young lady, but I’m sure she appreciated the kind gesture once she realized what was going on.

Bullinger whipped out his phone and snapped a couple of pictures to share with family and friends online.

Another Jackson, MI resident recognized the campaign and shared with anyone following the post that the police department does this every year.

popo clause 4

The Grinch might want to skip over this city.

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People Want To Boycott 'Hamilton' After Mike Pence Was Booed When He Walked In

On Friday night, vice-president elect Mike Pence was booed by a theater audience during a showing of Hamilton in New York. As you probably expect, the city voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton rather than Donald Trump in the presidential election. 

The cast even had something to say to Pence…

President-elect Donald Trump was quick to accuse theatre-goers of harassing his VP and demanded an apology.

Trump supporters were quick to start the hashtag #BoycottHamilton, calling on people to boycott the musical. 

While others used it as an oppurtunity to thank Trump supporters for finally freeing up some tickets.

While others saw it as an oppurtunity to take a quick jab at Trump and Pence.

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Hundreds Of People Showed Up To Take This Sick Dog On His Final Walk

Last week, Mark Woods of Cornwall in the United Kingdom wrote a Facebook post asking if any dog lovers or friends wanted to join him and his dog, Walnut, for a walk.

Walnut the whippet, who was 18 years old, was going to do to the beach for his last walk on Saturday before being put down because of his ill health.


The post quickly started taking off. And by Saturday morning, more than 7,500 people had left comments saying they’d be there or simply offering messages of support.

So when Woods and Walnut went down to the beach this morning, they weren’t exactly surprised to see hundreds of people and their dogs waiting to go on the walk with them.

Writing on Facebook after the walk, Woods confirmed that Walnut was put down on Saturday afternoon, but said that the display of kindness had helped make the day that little bit easier. 

“Walnut passed away this morning at 11.56am. The family and our three whippets, Monty, Nelson and Charlie were also in the room.”

“He went very quickly and in my arms. I am writing this post because I owe it to everyone who has supported myself, my family and most importantly Walnut.”

“Thank you to the hundreds of people that attended the walk this morning and to all those that had their own walks with their beloved pets at 9.30am all around the world.”

“I also want to thank the wonderful people of Newquay for their support which I will never forget as long as I live. God bless you all.”

Woods explained that the two have been through everything together. Including two marriages and three engagements. And considering that whippets only usually live to around 13, Walnut seems to have had a pretty good life. 

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