Restaurant Introduces 'Clear Pumpkin Pie' And People Have Some Issues

I dunno what everyone’s up in arms about, because the people who made this are straight up genius. 

Alinea is a restaurant in Chicago that has for years been considered one of the finest restaurants in the world, earning a preposterously rare Three Star rating from Michelin. The fella at the helm is Grant Achatz, and I watched his episode of Chef’s Table, and he is a staggering culinary genius with an incredible story: Dude lost his sense of taste to cancer and got it back. And resumed creating insanity like translucent pumpkin pie. 

I’m in. Because of madness like this:

You might look at this pie and think, what happened? This is wrong.

But that’s because you haven’t seen Grant’s episode of Chef’s Table, and therefore you are not yet a believer. This guy served a balloon as desert and diners loved it. 

Behold: disbelievers.

The upshot of all this is that Alinea is something like $ 170-350 a  person, so very few of us will be able to personally try the clear, wondrous pie. So just do yourselves a favor and watch that episode of Netflix’s Chef’s Table. And save up, I guess.

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You Can Now Get Pumpkin Churros At Disneyland And People Are Pumped

Think you’re too old to go to Disneyland? You won’t be when you see what they’re offering in terms of food this fall, including lots of spooky treats—and most importantly, pumpkin churros.

In retrospect, it seems crazy that this already wasn’t a craze sweeping the nation. Churros are deliciously sweet and flakey and cinnamon-y anyway—they’re a perfect vessel for pumpkin-y fall yumminess.

According to the Disney Parks Blog, that’s not the only thing the park will be offering in advance of Halloween—you can also munch on treats such as a “Monstermallow Donut,” a “Bat Wing Raspberry Sundae,” and a “Mummy Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich.” 

But if you’re too far away from California to pop into the Anaheim resort and eat yourself into a coma, I am pleased to tell you that Bobby Flay, bless his heart, has a recipe for pumpkin churros you can make yourself. It even includes a chocolate-coffee dipping sauce, which hopefully sounds adult enough to scare your children away from enjoying these sweets. 

But if you are planning to go to Disneyland soon, HelloGiggles writes that it appears the pumpkin churros are available at the Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land at California Adventure. 

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