28 Hilarious Passive Aggressive Notes Written Purely Out Of Love

One time I smoked four bowls of weed of weed that was just too strong. I mean it was so strong it was just criminal, really. I did it while hanging out with friends. It was the first time I went to go visit them in their new place and well, we had a lot of fun and I took it a little too far with the amount of pot I smoked.

I ended up passing out on their couch while they played videogames and when I woke up, it was 6 a.m. and everyone was asleep. I was fine physically, but felt like a crappy friend because I just freaking zonked out in the middle of a chill session.

So I wrote them a note meekly apologizing for underestimation of the strength of my dank-ass Blue Dream. Because leaving notes is the polite thing to do. And these people know that.

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