Aliens Might Be Real And It Seems Like People Are Too Busy To Care

Over the weekend, The New York Times released an exhaustive report on a secret and not fully declassified government program that studied U.F.O sightings within the Department of Defense that seems to indicate there have been documented alien visits to our planet. 

The reports says there have been many sighting of aircraft, as well as recovered materials that include alloys that don’t exist on earth and which had “strange effects” on the people who handled them. Whatever.

Perhaps this would be big news literally any other year, but with the pressing and overwhelming issues in politics, culture, and abroad, the most anyone seems to be mustering for aliens being real is a “meh.” Folks are responding with less fervor than they do to a Trump tweet, perhaps because a tweet from Trump is more likely to start a nuclear war. If aliens have been visiting, that’s fine. But did they vote third party?!

Until a space ship literally lands on the White House and crushes the entire Trump administration, I don’t think anyone will really get as excited about this as they should be. We want to see them, if you know what I mean.

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Khal Drogo And Tormund Met In Real Life And Fans Can't Get Enough

Jason Momoa was in London over the weekend, according toBuzzFeed, promoting his new film. But just because you have to work, doesn’t mean there isn’t time for play. You know who else was in the area? Most of the cast of Game of Thrones, and when Khal Drogo is in town, the group gets together.

Momoa posted a delightful recap of his time visiting old friends that gets hilariously darker and blurrier as the party seems to go on. He’s also wearing a crazy hat for some reason:

But here’s the big news: we finally get to see Khal Drogo and Tormund together, at long last! And Jon Snow snuck in there. This is like a reunion that is entirely based on fan fiction, and it’s perfect.

Momoa also reunited with his Khaleesi, Emilia Clarke, and introduced her to another superhero, Gal Gadot. What if Wonder Woman just showed up in Westeros? That would be a rad crossover.

But this is adorable enough on its own:

It’s wonderful when fans get to see TV and movie stars they love looking like they love each other. Now, if only we could figure out what pub they’re at tonight…

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Walter White Was Trump's Head Of DEA In This SNL Sketch And It Was Too Real

Trump’s cabinet choices are under tough scrutiny after it was first announced a few weeks back that he was planning on putting Myron Ebell, a climate change denier and employee of Exxon Mobile as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Since then many of his other choices were slammed for being the same kind of “swamp workers” he’d promised to have removed from government, as many of them are bogged down with either clear corporate interests or are advocates of controversial and regressive social policies.

And although the news of his cabinet picks become more and more alarming each day (like Ben Carson and Sarah Palin…  at least Giuliani is no longer in the running for the Secretary of State pick) you can’t help but poke fun at just how quickly the President Elect is breaking his campaign promises before even taking office.

And no one lampoons politicians, especially Trump, better than Saturday Night Live.

Like when they made Walter White from Breaking Bad Trump’s pick as head of DEA, and got Bryan Cranston to reprise his legendary role.

The worst part is, this probably isn’t a stretch. By Trump’s logic, El Chapo would probably be an awesome head of the DEA because, like the Donald, he knows how to abuse the current laws and systems in place. It’s like he’s making an actual Suicide Squad.

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