This Guy Carved A Gorgeous Replica Of The Wooden 'Jumanji' Game Board

Even though the board game in Jumanji turns your house into an actual jungle, I always wanted to play it as a kid. Apparently, sculptor Steve Richter had a similar urge, because he created this insanely amazing copy of the board in the movie out of wood and resin. He created it all from scratch—he even sculpted the intricate mold for the game details himself.

Here’s a closer look at exactly how detailed his design is—it’s incredible.

The board is fully functional, minus any magic powers—it opens up on hinges with the game instructions on the side, much like in the movie.

Richter even made copies of the game pieces and dice.

His replica isn’t for sale, though he’s selling game pieces and cover castings on his Etsy page. But ADVENTURERS BEWARE: This timelapse video shows how he made it, and it’s definitely not a project for the easily discouraged. 

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