Donald Trump Is Reportedly Both 'Obsessed' With And 'Terrified' Of Sharks

Okay, so adult film star Stormy Daniels alleges she slept with Donald Trump while he was married to Melania Trump. She gave a full account of the experience according to her to In Touch Weekly, and it’s about as depressing as you can imagine. The salaciousness isn’t even terribly salacious!

But there is one part of Daniels’ account that people are loving.

The man sitting in the White House is allegedly really, really scared of sharks:

The second time Daniels met Trump, she claims he was watching Shark Week on the television. The conversation turned to the ocean’s deadly predator.

The Donald reportedly told her, “I donate to all these charities and I would never donate to any charity that helps sharks. I hope all the sharks die.”

“He was like riveted. He was like obsessed. It’s so strange, I know,” said Daniels.

Sharks are very scary, but humans are far more dangerous to to them than they are to us. In fact, shark species have been decimated by human shark-hunting ever since the film Jaws was released and sacred people right out of the water. It’s a pretty serious problem for the ocean eco-system—not that Trump gives a crap about the Earth or logical thinking.

People are very interested in his very specific and unnecessary phobia:

It also turns out that Trump’s Twitter account has lot of shark hate in it, too:

He is haunted by sharks at every turn—he even tied them in with the threat of nuclear war at one point? Maybe if we tell Trump that sharks will get him if he starts a nuclear war, it’ll hold him back.

One last fun tidbit is that Trump allegedly told Daniels that he’s afraid if he cuts his hair, he’ll lose all his power:

That could have been a joke, but who knows at this point.

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Russians Reportedly Used Pokemon Go To Stir Controversy In The US

Remember Pokemon Go? The augmented reality game that everyone was really into during the summer of 2016? Well, according to CNN a Russian-linked campaign may have used Pokemon Go, and the Black Lives Matter movement, to influence last year’s election. 

Here’s how it worked. The Facebook page “Don’t Shoot Us,” which has since been linked to a Russian troll farm called the Internet Research Agency, asked players to go near locations of police shootings and name their Pokemon after the victim and then place that Pokemon in a Pokemon gym for everyone to see. Players who did this would then be entered in a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card. (There is no evidence of anyone winning this contest.)

As of now, it appears that the idea was that everyone seeing these names would cause conflict between those who took the side of the police and those who took the side of the deceased. 

In addition to the Pokemon Go campaign, the Facebook page also shared videos of police shootings and linked back to a website called The website was registered to “Clerk York” in Illinois. However, there is no public evidence of a Clerk York living in Illinois when the website was registered in March 2016. Additionally, the address used on the registration is for a shopping mall.

The “Don’t Shoot Us” page is one of 470 pages that Facebook has suspended for being linked the Internet Research Agency. That being said, it’s hard, if not impossible, to know how effective this Pokemon Go campaign was. One tweet in particular seems to sum up people’s feelings on this. 

Other people think the whole thing is a joke and they are making memes accordingly. 

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White House Reportedly Lacked Plans To Help Puerto Rico, According To Activist

Donald Trump’s been coming under a lot of criticism for his administration’s reaction, or lack thereof, to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. While the Trump administration claims that their aid efforts are going well, many on the island feel that it is too little too late. Many feel that Trump’s words on Puerto Rico’s debt and weak infrastructure were ill-timed:

Probably not the best time to remind the islands that they don’t have the best infrastructure and they owe people money while people are dying, you know? Singer Marc Anthony had some very blunt words for Trump’s priorities in the wake of the hurricane.

Singer-songwriter and political activist, Holly O’Reilly, alleges that she spoke with a “vetted source” about the White House’s response to Hurricane Maria and its plans to help Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the storm’s destruction. While this source has not been verified, according to what O’Reilly shares, it suggests that there really weren’t many plans to help the island in the first place.

She divulged all of her alleged findings in a series of tweets. 

What’s worse is that the number of people who’ve died due to Hurricane Maria isn’t being properly reported as of yet, which suggests that the severity of the situation in Puerto Rico is being downplayed.

People started sharing their own horror stories of what their family and friends are experiencing on the island.

Others pointed out that when aid finally did arrive, the logistics surrounding the distribution of life saving supplies were apparently a mess.

Do you think the White House showed favoritism in its disaster relief efforts between Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico?

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