News Reporter Completely Loses It Over Black Friday Live On TV–And We Feel For Him

Joshua Short has waited his entire journalistic career to cover a Black Friday live on the air. Don’t judge — we all have different goals. He finally got his chance this year, but the broadcast didn’t exactly go as planned. Josh and his news station expected long lines and the usual chaos that accompany Black Friday, but it appears 2017 was the year that residents of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs got it together.

There was no Black Friday crowd for Josh to report on.

Josh, who obviously isn’t a fan of “fake news,” decided to give one seriously honest report. The show’s anchor, Alex Wilcox, did his introduction and finally asked, “Josh, how are things going?”

Josh let him know exactlyhow things were going in this now-viral rant:

Alex caught that proverbial pass expertly with a smile and a chuckle. He then commented to Josh that he may be on the wrong side of the mall and there may be people at another entrance.

Check out the sweet screen-blur from Josh making his emotional exit:

Alex awkwardly ended the segment by stammering “Uh, Josh is gone, we lost Josh.” Always ready with a sense of humor, Joshua Short has embraced his moment of too-much-honesty and talked about it on social media.

He even posted the video with a bit of commentary:

And just like that, Josh won the hearts and minds of the world:

It didn’t take long before other reporters declared themselves #TeamJosh:

Someone should start a petition for Josh to report all the news from now on.

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Reporter Shares Excerpt From Trump's Speech To The Navy–And Everyone's Perplexed

There may be literally nothing more confusing in this country than President Trump.

How do you even mix up the biggest loss of USA life in 100 years with a convenience store?

And in his speech to the US Navy, MSNBC reporter Kyle Griffin noticed that there was not one coherent thought to be found in Trump’s word salad.


“I said, ‘That helps.   That’s a good thing.'”

Yes, this is all fun and games, but Trump is playing with lives here.  The US armed forces depend upon a Commander-in-chief to make informed decisions about their equipment as well as their plan of approach; and unless Trump is living in the DC Universe with Wonder Woman, there’s a good chance that plane is simply not invisible.

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Cat Upstages Reporter On Live TV, And Twitter Can't Breathe

First of all, this article will be tough to write because the photo I found for the banner is the second most captivating picture of a kittycat I’ve ever seen.

Child actors can really blow us away sometimes, and this kitty is going for “young Simba sees the wildebeest stampede” like a champion.

Anyway, Tenderpuss up there is a wildcat, which can be dangerous for children and pets. Sightings of wildcats in suburban areas are rather newsworthy, though “sightings” implies only a temporary appearance. Reporter Scott Madaus went out with a camera crew to talk to Hernando, Mississippi, residents about a local wildcat.

Without the clear and present danger of an actual wildcat, Madaus was forced to make do:

Just a Felis Domesticus, not a threat to our valiant reporter but certainly observing him and standing in silent judgment of his moral failings.

David Mack brought us the kitty vs. reporter standoff, and Twitter loved it:

Mostly, people loved the kitty’s — and the reporter’s — unexpected moment of fame:

It’s quick thinking that makes a professional, people. 

H/T: Twitter

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Boston News Reporter Shares First Photos Of Vegas Terrorist's Arsenal Of Weapons

Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock’s horrific act of mass murder has yielded pain, sorrow and many many unanswered questions. 

On Tuesday, we got a bit more information, as the first images of the arsenal of weapons assembled by the gunman emerged online. 

Jacqui Heinrich, a Boston reporter for FOX 25 TV shared an exclusive first look at some of Paddock’s guns on Twitter:

Since then, more images have trickled out from the horrific scene of the crime:

Reports indicate that at least 23 firearms, some ammo, a bipod, optics, and a hammer — that was most likely used to smash out the windows — were strewn about the luxury room, which towered 32 floors above the concert venue, where 58 innocents died and 489 people were injured.

In addition, authorities recovered 19 firearms plus explosives and several thousand rounds of ammunition from Paddock’s home in Mesquite, Nevada and found several pounds of ammonium nitrate, which is used to make explosives, in Paddock’s car.

Law enforcement officials had hoped to learn more about Paddock’s motives from his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, who has returned from The Philippines and is cooperating with the investigation. In a statement she said that Paddock “never said anything to me, or took any action that I was aware of, that I understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen.”

“It never occurred to me in any way whatsoever that he was planning violence against anyone.” 

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Reporter Shares Photo Of Oval Office Under Construction, And People Have Concerns

The White House is a historic institution that is among the most important buildings in our young nation.

While Donald Trump is on a very important/his 48th visit to a golf course this week, the Oval Office is undergoing some renovations. And as we all know, Trump is known for going a tad overboard with interior decoration.

A reporter snapped a pic of the empty office in a truly resonant symbol of our times:

So as we are left to ponder the results of these redecorations on Trump’s watch, people have concerns. 

With 2,000 likes, this simple request seems to be resonating.

Trump already replaced the muted red curtains in the Oval Office with gold curtains because consistent branding is important to salesmen. He’s already on record as saying that the White House is a ‘dump.’ And his current vacation is slated to last another two weeks, so whatever is happening in the Oval Office has plenty of time to happen. 

Artists’ renderings of what the redecoration might look like flooded the Internet. 

Not everyone was so concerned though. For Eric, the empty room offered a bit of relief. 

And this user imagined what an exterior renovation might look like.

Here’s hoping the drapes are where it ends. 

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Martin Shkreli Tells Reporter He Can “Do Whatever He Wants”–Lawyer Scrambles To Recover

It’s been an eventful week for Martin Shkreli.

Shkreli, AKA “Pharma Bro,” who gained notoriety for acquiring and jacking up the prices of a life-saving drug used by AIDS patients by  5,000%, officially started his trial for securities fraud on Wednesday.

Shkreli, who previously said, “I’m so innocent, the jury, judge and prosecution are gonna give me an apology,” gave an impromptu press  conference during a lunch break on Friday, describing the prosecution as “junior varsity” and complaining that “people blame me for everything to a group of reporters in a sixth-floor courtroom set up for them to watch the trial via closed-circuit television.

Benjamin Brafman, Shkreli’s lawyer, interrupted the tirade by peering  into the room and saying, “Martin, can I talk to you for a minute?”

So when CNBC’s Meg Tirrell caught up with the pair outside the courtroom and asked Brafman about the comments his client made about the trial and the prosecution, Shkreli interrupted by saying, “He’ll do whatever he wants.”

While Brafman expressed hope that his client “doesn’t ever do it again,” the damage was already done.

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Twitter Roasts Congressional Candidate For 'Bodyslam' Attack on Reporter

On May 24th, Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate for Montana’s Congressional seat, allegedly  ‘body slammed’ a reporter from The Guardian after being asked questions about his support for the AHCA. The story was confirmed by The Guardian and Fox News who were both present for the alleged attack. Gianforte has been charged with misdemeanor assault. 

The special congressional election is today, and it is unclear how this will impact the outcome of the race which was already looking to be very close between Gianforte and Democrat Rob Quist. But one thing is for certain: The Internet doesn’t look like they are forgiving him any time soon.

People are already turning the attack into mock political ads. 

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This Reporter Completely Cornered Sean Spicer, And People Are Rooting Her On

Sean Spicer’s day took an ugly turn after an NBC News reporter took him to task during a White House Press briefing.

NBC News’ Hallie Jackson grilled Spicer during Monday’s press briefing over the existence of audio recordings President Donald Trump may be keeping of his conversations with other officials.

Trump, if you recall, tweeted this (now infamous) message last week after firing FBI Director James Comey, who was leading an investigation into whether Trump and his associates colluded with Russian operatives to win last year’s presidential election.

Spicer deflected Jackson’s questions––as expected. Jackson was having none of it.

“Why won’t you just explain whether or not there are recordings of the president’s conversations?” she asked.

“The president has made it clear what his position is,” the embattled press secretary responded. (Spicer did not elaborate as to what he meant by this; he did say last week that he spoke to Trump about the tweet, but that Trump had nothing else to say about the Twitter tantrum.)

Jackson pressed on: “That’s not my question. It’s why won’t you explain it.”

Spicer responded, “I understand that because that’s what the president’s position is.”

But she persisted.

“So given that you refuse to confirm or deny any of this, how is any senior official supposed to feel comfortable having a private conversation with the president?” she asked.

“As I’ve said Hallie, the president has made it clear what his position is,” Spicer said, by rote.

“Even with these Congressional lawmakers calling to see if they exist?”

“Hallie, I’ve asked the … Hallie, I answered the question over and over again the same way,” said the weary Spicer.

But Hallie Jackson is far from the only person in Washington demanding answers, even if Spicer refuses to give them.

A host of lawmakers have issued calls for Trump to turn over any tapes of conversations with Comey. The controversy could also fuel a boycott led by the Democrats of whoever Trump nominates as Comey’s replacement.

“You can’t be cute about tapes. If there are any tapes of this conversation, they need to be turned over,” said Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who has often voiced his grievances with the administration and his colleagues.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said Trump must immediately provide Congress with any existing tapes he might have, adding that Democrats will refuse to vote on Comey’s replacement until a special prosecutor is named in charge of the Russia probe.

“To have that special prosecutor, people would breathe a sigh of relief because then there would be a real independent person overlooking the FBI director,” Schumer said on CNN’s State of the Union.

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