Two Of Mueller's Russia Probe Investigators Caught Referring To President Trump As An 'Idiot'

Donald Trump is currently in lukewarm water that is hopefully coming to a slow boil as he’s investigated for colluding with Russia during his election campaign. The probe into Trump and his cohorts dealings is being conducted by Robert Mueller and FBI agents. Even special agents are people, and it turns out some of them have the same opinion of Donald Trump as most of America: They think he’s an idiot.

FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page were reported on by the New York Times when text exchanges about Trump surfaced. Politico has shared some of the texts and they’re actually pretty relatable.

It’s actually almost like rereading text convos I had with friends after almost every single debate and campaign speech:

Page also commented on Trump’s racism, calling some of his speeches “full of dog whistles,” and writing, “The racism is barely even veiled anymore.”

Page also mentioned Watergate, and her assurance that Trump would be brought down by scandal.

To all of this, much of the Internet is saying, “So?”

But to more conservative entities, having FBI agents investigating Trump who have said how much they hate him is problematic. So did Mueller. He pulled Strzok off the case in July when he discovered the text’s existence, though Page had already finished her assignment. 

Technically, they didn’t actually do anything wrong, as FBI agents are allowed “as an individual privately and publicly on political subjects and candidates,” according to the NYT. But, better safe than accused of conspiracy, I guess?

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Trump Just Admitted Russia Interfered In The Election, And Then Blamed Obama For It

Trump’s Criticism May Mean He’s Finally Admitting The Truth

Telling on someone, but indicting yourself in the process, is a mistake many children make. Just ask any child who told an adult they were goofing off in class in hopes their classmate gets in trouble, when they just openly admitted to it as well. President Trump now knows what that feels like.

On Friday, the Washington Post published a story saying how the Obama administration was given a report stating Russia was interfering in the 2016 Presidential election and how they handled it. Then, they went so far as to say President Vladmir Putin was personally involved in the cyber attack to disrupt the outcome of the U.S. presidential race.

Shortly after, President Donald had something to say about the story.

Trump tweeted out his thoughts on the information given in the article, appearing outraged the Obama administration did nothing to prevent the hacking.

He then followed up the Friday tweeting by tweeting more on Saturday.

By criticizing and calling out Obama’s supposed lack of action, it seemed Trump finally admitted Russia did meddle in the 2016 election.

For months before, and after, his inauguration, Trump referred to any act of Russian interference as ‘fake news.’ The closest he’s gotten to  admitting what intelligence officials have been saying for months has been “other countries and other people” may have hacked the U.S. 

The problem is Trump now admitting the election that put him in the White House may not have been a true win. Even Sean Spicer said Friday that the President stands by his statements that Russia “probably” hacked the DNC.

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Devin Nunes Steps Away From Russia Investigation Amid Ethics Complaints

Devin Nunes Steps Away From Russia Investigation Amid Ethics Complaints

For any good organization to function, there needs to be some type of internal accountability. Government agencies especially need some type of internal affairs or ethics committee to ensure that everything is on the up and up and people in positions of power aren’t (gasp) abusing their power. I know, it seems crazy that anyone would do such a thing because humans have such incredible track records of doing the right thing, always, but ethics committees are a necessity.

So when word broke out about Donald Trump’s alleged connections with Russia, that gave U.S. Intelligence agencies cause for alarm to go and investigate how deep of a relationship Trump has with the Russian government – and it turns out it’s pretty freaking deep.

But the thing is, if an official investigation is being launched on the former reality star turned U.S. President, then it needs to be handled the correct way. Meaning you can’t have people who are in Trump or his opponent’s pocket. This means it needs to be left up to the bipartisan House Ethics Committee. 

Which is exactly why that same committee is investigating Republican Devin Nunes.

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Nunes is chairman to the House Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence and was previously part of the investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia. However, after it was alleged he made a late-night trip to the White House to obtain classified information on how Trump transition team members were “unmasked,” he’s been asked to step down from the case.

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For Nunes, being removed from the Russia investigation is due to a strong conflict of interest. In this case, the Republican seemingly illegally divulged classified information to Ryan and Trump.

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Had Nunes followed protocol, he would have briefed his Democratic Counterpart on the Ethics Committee, Adam Schiff. The committee’s basically ruling that Nunes can’t be trusted with classified information, so now the Ethics Committee won’t be investigating Trump’s tied with Russia. That job will be left to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The Ethics Committee is supposed to be a completely bipartisan political watchdog.

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With an equal number of Democrats and Republicans making up the committee, the group also possesses subpoena power, meaning that they can investigate exactly what information Nunes divulged to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Donald Trump after he briefed them on March 22nd.

For Nunes, the scandal’s probably more embarrassing than this ’91 Highschool yearbook photo of him.

It’s a pretty bad look for Nunes, as he’s another “Trump ally” who’s been caught in a blatant scandal.

Nunes tried blaming “left-wing activists” for ousting him from the Russian probe.

However, as Shaun King and others are pointing out, we have a Republican President and majority Republican Senate and Congress. So maybe it’s the fact that he did something illegal that torpedoed his political career?

Some are saying that this points to further proof that Russia meddled in our election.

And others are using the opportunity to just roast the dude.

Things aren’t looking good for Nunes. (h/t thedailybeast)

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