Couple Discovers 'Electrical Box' In Backyard Was Actually A Safe Filled With Treasure

Couple Discovers 'Electrical Box' In Backyard Was Actually A Safe Filled With Treasure

If you grew up on cheesy action-adventure movies like me that are set in the early 20s or 30s, then you probably are wary of ancient treasures and the inevitable curses they’ll bring upon you.

I know it seems like an irrational fear, but the idea that my greed and desire for a “shortcut” to fame and fortune resulting in an eventual and horrible curse is something I worry about a little too much, seeing as they’re not real (probably). So the idea of grave/tomb robbing isn’t something I’m into, because I don’t want a visit from any supernatural creatures chasing me to the ends of the earth.

But ancient artifacts is where I draw the line. If I find an old-timey safe or something that’s existed in the last couple of centuries and it’s filled with modern day cash and goods, you best believe I’m going to take that stuff with a clear conscience or fear of repercussion.

Which is why I can’t understand, for the life of me, why this couple would do what they did when they discovered a rusty safe behind some trees in their backyard. A safe that they thought for the longest time was just an electrical box. It wasn’t.

This gross-looking box was on their property. This gross looking box contained $ 52,000 in cash, gold, and diamonds. This gross looking box could been their next decadent vacation. A double-or-nothing “bet on black” single game of roulette. A brand new supercharged Audi. A  $ 52K bitcoin investment.

And Matthew and Maria Colonna Emanuel decided they couldn’t keep it. They could’ve said, “Finders keepers.” They could’ve easily kept the money and all of the belongings. But there’s a reason they didn’t.

It’s because the couple are decent people. In addition to all of the discovered loot, these two State Island folks found a sheet of paper.

On that paper, was an address.

Because they have a conscience or whatever, they knew that they needed to contact the person whose name was on the address and as it turns out, that person was their neighbor.

So they knocked on their door and asked if they’d ever been burglarized. Turns out that they were and the police reports from 2011 prove it.

So the couple let their neighbor know that they had their safe without hesitation, which of course, people admired. Because it’s very easy to talk yourself into keeping it in that situation, think of all the excuses?

They probably got insurance to cover it.


This is fate, the universe is looking out for me.

or the most compelling:

Finder’s keepers, b****es.

People on Twitter not only commended the couple for their honesty…

…but they also had a bunch of questions for whoever stole the safe.

Like, if they were planning on going back and getting the safe after stealing it, why didn’t they ever go back and pick it up? Why would they leave it so close to the crime scene?

And then a bunch of other people basically told the same joke.

The story also inspired some hopeful treasure hunters to grab a shovel and go to work in their own backyards.

And others lamenting their own misfortune.

Honestly, as sad as it sounds, I know plenty of people who happened upon $ 52,000 randomly just means they’ll be in less debt than they were before. #StudentLoanLife.

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BMW Says This Future Motorcycle Is So Safe You Won't Need To Wear A Helmet While Riding It

BMW might be the automobile of choice for driving enthusiasts and/or total douchebags whose fathers are lawyers, but they don’t just make cars. They also make some pretty sweet motorcycles.

And I’m not just talking about the bikes that are currently in production, but the German auto-manufacturer’s future cycles, as well.

The Motorrad Vision Next 100 might have a ridiculous name, but the technology in this future bike is anything but.


Apparently the Vision Next 100’s self-balancing technology is so safe that riders wouldn’t have to wear a helmet or even specially padded body suits. Which is comforting news to anyone who’s wanted to own a motorcycle but were afraid to. 

The zero-emissions (probably fully electric) bike also doesn’t require a bunch of esoteric gauges and dials. All relevant information is fed to the rider through a visor.


It’s important to remember that the Vision Next 100, just like BMW’s shape shifting car, is a concept automobile. The likelihood of seeing this thing on a showroom floor in the near future is slim to none. 

It’s also kinda crazy to assume that no one is going to fall off this bike, which means that people will still need a helmet if they’re thrown off of it somehow.


Because the ground doesn’t really care whether or not your bike has self-balancing technology.

Would you want to ride one of these bad boys if they ever actually came out?


I would, but that doesn’t mean I’d be giving up my pads and helmet just yet.

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Keeping Children Safe From Sexual Abuse and Abduction

When we think about a child being abducted, we can’t help but feel the most horrible primal fear. The thought that there are people trolling around our communities and schools’ looking for potential victims is enough to make our blood run cold. So what can we do to protect our children from this worst of criminals?

The good news is that children are immediately safer when parents and caregivers take the time to learn about the dangers and how to avoid them. We know that child abductions are rare but the risk still exists, therefore, we need to eliminate or, at best, minimize the opportunities for our children to become victims. The predatory abductor will classically use casual conversation, innocent questions and a variety of requests to lure a child into a position where abduction can be achieved.

The following are just a few of the common lures:

•  “I need your help…” to find my puppy, to fix my car, to find an address. Whatever the excuse, your child should understand that an unknown adult does not need to ask them for help. An unknown adult who asks a child for help may be dangerous and should be treated as such. Tell your children that if an adult genuinely required help, they would usually approach another adult. I must again reiterate that children naturally have a desire to help and are often not suspicious by nature, so this method has its limitations. Of course, adults ask children for help all the time. The difference here is an unfamiliar adult approaching a child out of the blue and asking them for help. Additionally, they should be taught to never approach a person who is in a car and to ensure they always keep a safe distance if approached by an unfamiliar person. My best advice for parents of younger children is to make every effort to avoid them being in a position where an abductor could approach them.

 • “Hello, Sarah.” Once a molester knows your child’s name, it can be used to gain their confidence and can throw them off guard. This lure is often used in conjunction with other lures, e.g., “Hi Sarah, your mum asked me to pick you up from school. She’s been in a car accident and is in the hospital and you need to come with me now!” The abductor can learn you child’s name through many means such as overhearing another person use her name or seeing her name on clothing or schoolbooks, etc. If it is necessary to put your child’s name on clothing or personal items, always ensure that it is not easily visible.

•  “Your dog got hit by a car just down the road, come with me!” or “Your mum has been hurt and she asked me to come get you, she is calling for you.” A potential abductor may use this ploy to convince a child that there is an emergency and he will take them to where the parent/crisis is, e.g., the hospital. This lure is often effective in confusing and alarming the child into making a quick decision. One of the best ways to avoid this lure is to have a FAMILY PLAN which addresses such an emergency. For example, you could tell your child that if mum or dad is unable to pick you up from school due to A, B or C, then either Aunty Rosy or Grandad will be there to pick you up – NO ONE ELSE! Be absolutely consistent. For this to be truly effective, your children must have trust in you and your reliability. If you do not show up as scheduled, they will know there is a very good reason and will then expect the Family Plan to come into effect.

• “I’ll give you money, lollies, toys, etc.” The potential abductor may use bribery as a means to get the child to go somewhere with them or to keep the molestation a secret. This may also be used to get a child to come close enough to grab. Children should learn very early that they must never take things offered by unfamiliar people unless they have asked you first. People offer children things all the time and teaching your child situational awareness is the key here and even very young children can grasp the concept. This is a perfect opportunity for role playing.

These are just some of the classic lures and it is important to appreciate that teaching children about the classic lures is just one element in their overall safety from sexual abuse and abduction.

Amanda Robinson is the author of ‘The Silent Crisis – Simple Ways to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse’ and an ex police officer who has worked with both the victims and perpetrators of child sexual abuse. In the course of her work, she has developed a deep empathy and compassion for the victims of abuse and an in-depth understanding of the dynamics involved in child sexual abuse including the physical, emotional and spiritual wounds that are inflicted upon its young victims.