Woman Takes Selfies With Every Guy Who Catcalls Her For A Month

Noa Jansma is a 20-year-old student in Amsterdam who has turned the unpleasant and sometimes very scary experience of street harassment into an art project, Bored Panda reports. On her Instagram account @DearCatcallers, Jansma wrote about her intention of taking a selfie with every person who catcalls her as she walks down the street:

Jansma took selfies with the alleged catcallers for the entire month of September, and they are all ages, races, and walks of life. The only thing they really seem to have in common is supposedly exhibiting zero shame in what they’re doing. Some even cozy up to Jansma like they’re friends with her, which is maybe the most unsettling thing of all:

Beginning in 2018, catcalling in the Netherlands can be subject to a find of almost $ 220. It seems like a law that would be difficult to implement, but then again, if cat callers are this bold, Jansma and young women like her will be able to identify their harassers immediately. They’ll have the receipts.

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Drunk Man Wakes Up To Selfies Of The Police Officers Who Took Him Home

A Tasmanian man has gone viral for drinking himself into a blackout and getting saved from some bizarrely friendly officers. Australians sure seem to do policing differently. News.com.au reports that Reece Park had a wild night and ended up in a cab somewhere near his home completely blotto on Friday evening. The driver called the cops, and instead of slamming Park in jail, Constables Natalie Siggins and Jeremy Blyth escorted him home and left a selfie on his phone, so he’d remember how he got there:

Don’t worry, someone asked the important question:

It’s hard not to think about all the ways this could have gone wrong for Park. This image was taken in a pretty small town on a somewhat isolated island, and they apparently have some unique ideas on community policing. A few Queensland commenters on Reddit have said that officers are called the police service rather than the police force so as to seem more community-oriented. They’re at least in touch enough to know that the photo has become wildly popular on Reddit. The Tasmania Police addressed it on their Facebook page, writing:

Park and his saviors were even interviewed on the local news:

When asked if the experience might have turned him off drinking, Park only responded, “I dunno.” Hmm, think we know what that means.

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People Are Breaking Their Phones To Take Selfies While High-Fiving Themselves

You’d think people would be careful with something that can cost in excess of $ 500. But after Twitter user Seth Schneider was able to take a picture while he high-fived himself, people are trying to do the same and breaking their phones in the process. 

It all started with this tweet, which acquired more than 170,000 retweets. 

And people were quick to take up the challenge…

And this guy took it one step further…

Somewhere, Tim Cook is smiling thinking of all these phones that need to be repaired. 

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22 Selfies That Remind Us National Selfie Day Sucks

It’s National Selfie Day, which to some is more important than Christmas. Social media is full of celebration, if you count people posting countless selfies as celebration. But selfies aren’t all they’re made out to be, take these masterpieces that prove National Selfie Day is a total waste of time. 

  1. It’s so nice that he’s helping her use the toilet…


  2. When squirrels attack.


  3. Oh God…

  4. Time out, mommas gonna take a selfie.


  5. What on Earth?


  6. Doing some late night shopping.


  7. “Do you mind? I’m trying to poop here…”


  8. Maybe help your child?


  9. That’s nasty.


  10. That for your Tinder?


  11. You couldn’t have waited?


  12. WHY?

  13. Ouch.


  14. Who pees like this?!


  15. Check the mirror.


  16. Nature is so beautiful.


  17. Seems legit.


  18. Get this man a Darwin award.


  19. That poor dog.


  20. “This is going to get me so many likes.”


  21. Please don’t arrest me.


  22. Just making some ramen.


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