This Grandpa Sent The Best Burn To His Granddaughter Over Text

Grandparents and technology are a volatile mix. Some take to it immediately, some don’t, and some are good at it because they’re so bad at it. Like Twitter user @amielmchugh’s Granda. That’s Scottish for grandpa.

She shared a text from her dear old grandfather that is simultaneously a guilt trip and a denial of her very existence:

Someone who seems to know the old fella chimed in with more classics:

If you couldn’t tell, that message was about compost:

Don’t try telling @amielmchugh this convo is a fake:

It seems like her gramps is pretty exhausting, so enjoying his occasional texts is a nice highlight in the turmoil:

People definitely recognize this situation, if not with grandparents, then in their own lives:

But seriously, don’t come for Amie:

Because she is just as savage as Granda.

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Carrie Fisher Sent A Cow's Tongue To Producer Who Assaulted Her Friend

If you don’t know about the incredible late Carrie Fisher, then let this interview where Fisher brought her french bulldog on TV with her tell you everything you need to know.

In a recent interview with MIXfm radio station based out of Tucson, Arizona, Director Heather Ross recounted a time when Carrie Fisher stood up for her.

The two were good friends, and Ross had shared with Fisher that she was allegedly sexually assaulted by an Oscar winning producer. So when Fisher was visiting Sony Picture Studios one day and knew that the producer was going to be there, she got revenge on behalf of her pal, by sending a strong warning that involved a severed cow tongue and a Tiffany box.

You can hear Ross recount the story here:

That’s right, Fisher went full Corleone on the producer.

Twitter is understandably in love with the story.

And honestly, this just keeps adding to her legend.

It’s not often that an actor surpasses the awesomeness of the characters that they portray on screen. For Carrie Fisher to somehow be even cooler than Princess Leia is truly a feat, but she managed to pull it off.

And that’s truly admirable. Also, with all of Hollywood speaking out against sexual predators now, anyone want to place bets that more and more gross men are going to get Fishered for their behavior? (h/t page six)

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The Rock Sent The Funniest Message To This Sick Grandma In The Hospital

The Rock may be the cutest, sweetest, most enthusiastic celebrity on the planet. He actually seems to care about his fans. Plus, his appeal knows no age boundaries, as a message from the family of 76-year-old Judy Rosenberg attests.

In an Instagram post from The Rock on Sunday, he shares a very special email he got that he claims came out of nowhere. No one on The Rock’s staff has heard of this person, so the fact that he even saw it is something of a miracle. Can you imagine emailing The Rock, and having him actually read it?

It was sent from Judy’s family, and they asked for The Rock to give her a shout out, as she has recently entered hospice for stage 4 pancreatic cancer. But she brought one very special item with her: a sexy cut out of Dwayne Johnson.

The Rock reads off Judy’s email, which says she has five children and 17 grandchildren, and she’s been married to her husband for 57 years. She’d still like for The Rock to call her sexy, though.

Of course, because The Rock’s a gentlemen, he does, and sends along some air kiss and off-color jokes about “practicing” making babies. Don’t worry, Judy is a self-professed “potty mouth,” so she probably loved it.

“The universe works in amazing ways, and I am so glad I got this email,” he says, and wishes her “all the love and all the positive energy in the world.”

The whole video is captioned with an additional message to his biggest grandma fan, reading, “Stay strong Judy, you sexy tiger. We’re all sending you and your family love and light during this time and I’m an extremely grateful man this email reached my eyes. * this kind of stuff will always be the best part of fame. Thx U Universe.”

Hopefully, this message makes it to Judy’s eyes, so she can hear The Rock calling her name as she holds his cut out hand.

The Rock is what dreams are made of, for young and old!

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Tiffany's Just Sent A Message To President Trump, And Conservatives Are Outraged

Tiffany’s Just Sent A Message To President Trump, And Conservatives Are Outraged

It’s been rumored that Donald Trump named one of his daughters Tiffany after the luxury jewelry brand. We don’t know if that’s true, but if it is that just adds an extra layer of interest to this story.

The company made a bold and direct plea to Trump via their social media accounts.

Not everyone was happy to see the jewelry company so unabashedly political.

Tiffany is causing a tiff.

First world problems?

A few people threatened to boycott.

Even with the voices of dissent, most people seemed to support the companies message and stance.



What do you think? Is it OK for companies like this to share their political opinions? If Trump did name his daughter after the store, do you think he will take this message as some kind of personal insult?

We’ll be watching.

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A $16,988.62 Utilities Bill Sent This Retired Teacher To The ER

Velma Matthews tore open her DWP bill in July and saw a staggering figure: $ 12,836.61. 

la times

Rattled, stressed, and wondering just what the hell was going on, Matthews called the DWP and was given the runaround. She was especially perplexed because, being a resident of California, she did what any good sunshine state citizen would during a drought: she shut off all her faucets and used water sparingly.

“My front yard is dead, my back yard is dead, my trees are dying and I’m just one person living here with my dog.” Matthews, in an interview with LA Times.

The DWP said that they were going to “look into it” but Matthews never got a response from them.

Then, in September, she received another exorbitant bill. This time it was for $ 16,988.62. It sent her to the emergency room.


Medical records indicate that the stress raised her blood pressure to 230 over 152 due to the anxiety the 71-year-old experienced over wondering how she was going to pay the bill and if her services were going to be shut off. 

Matthews eventually had to dip into her own pockets and hire a plumber to check her home for any leaks or issues that might’ve caused a spike in her home’s energy usage.

He found no signs of leaks or a spike in energy use and even vowed to “go to court” on her behalf because the bill was “ridiculous.”


It turns out that the fault isn’t with Matthews or DWP customers, but due to a glitch in the new $ 181 million billing system that resulted in tons of customers receiving exorbitant bills that they’re too afraid to contest.

Lawyer Tim Blood says he receives two or three calls a day from distressed customers who don’t know why they’re being overcharged by the DWP, and they feel as if they’re being bullied into paying money they don’t owe for fear of having their services disabled.

However the local DWP says it’s not a billing error, but a human one, according to Spokesman Joe Ranallo in an interview with LA Times.


“This was not a problem with the billings system, but rather a human error. Our billing system caught the high use and began estimating her bills…[but the DWP] did not follow through with the remaining steps to investigate the cause [of the leak] as it should have.”

But it’s hard to believe that she was clocked for high usage. According to the DWP’s estimates, Matthews used 954 hundred cubic feet of water, or 12,000 gallons a day.

geyser eruption

Just a little hard to believe. (h/t latimes)

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