Everyone Is Joking About The Sketch Of The Guy Stormy Daniels Says Threatened Her About Trump

Stormy Daniels appeared on The View Monday and released a composite sketch of the man she alleges threatened her in a Las Vegas parking lot. Daniels has revealed intimate details of her alleged affair with Donald Trump, and the money she was reportedly paid as an agreement for silence. Because of Daniels, Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen was raided and is being investigated by the DOJ. The idea that she might be threatened by hired muscle is all too real.

Daniels alleges the man saw her infant daughter in the back of the car and said, “That’s a beautiful little girl, it would be a shame if something happened to her mom. Forget about this story, leave Mr. Trump alone.”

She then shared the composite sketch of her memory. She says the man’s face was “burned in her memory.”

She comments that the man was well-dressed and she remembers him as being “kind of handsome.”

Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, said they’re now offering a reward of $ 100,000 for any information that might lead back to this guy, though they imply Trump  or someone on his team was the one who sent him.

People have a few ideas of who the mystery man might be:

If not Tom Brady, he looks like a lot of other fellas in show biz:

And I know what you’re thinking, but Mark Hamill has an alibi:

Could it have been The Mooch?

But it always comes back to Tom Brady:

While $ 100,000 is an enticing sum, it’s not enough to cover the costs of actually besmirching Tom Brady’s name. Do not report him unless you’re sure.

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Kenan Thompson Is Starting A Sketch Show For Kids That Sounds A Lot Like 'All That'

Kenan Thompson is teaming up with other All That alumni for a new children’s sketch comedy show called SKOOGLE—and don’t be surprised if you end up watching, too.

Thompson is the creator, executive producer, and voice of the title character of the show, who apparently is a digital assistant like Siri or Alexa, according to The Daily News. Kids will round out the rest of the cast as “entrepreneur inventors.”

Thompson is joined in producing the show by his former All That castmate Josh Server, and Albie Hecht, who was part of the team that developed All That, will serve as executive producer. The show will air on the new media brand “pocket.watch.” 

“Kenan Thompson is a comedic genius,” said Hecht, who is also pocket.watch’s chief content officer, in a statement. “At Nickelodeon, I witnessed first-hand Kenan and his fellow cast members’ ability to turn everyday scenarios into hilarious adventures.”

If they manage to match the genius of Pierre Escargot, I’ll be thrilled.

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Walter White Was Trump's Head Of DEA In This SNL Sketch And It Was Too Real

Trump’s cabinet choices are under tough scrutiny after it was first announced a few weeks back that he was planning on putting Myron Ebell, a climate change denier and employee of Exxon Mobile as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Since then many of his other choices were slammed for being the same kind of “swamp workers” he’d promised to have removed from government, as many of them are bogged down with either clear corporate interests or are advocates of controversial and regressive social policies.

And although the news of his cabinet picks become more and more alarming each day (like Ben Carson and Sarah Palin…  at least Giuliani is no longer in the running for the Secretary of State pick) you can’t help but poke fun at just how quickly the President Elect is breaking his campaign promises before even taking office.

And no one lampoons politicians, especially Trump, better than Saturday Night Live.

Like when they made Walter White from Breaking Bad Trump’s pick as head of DEA, and got Bryan Cranston to reprise his legendary role.

The worst part is, this probably isn’t a stretch. By Trump’s logic, El Chapo would probably be an awesome head of the DEA because, like the Donald, he knows how to abuse the current laws and systems in place. It’s like he’s making an actual Suicide Squad.

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SNL Summed Up Ken Bone's 15 Minutes Of Fame In Their Town Hall Debate Sketch

The absolute farce of the US political process that is this year’s Presidential election might be depressing, but it’s a been a gold mine for comedians everywhere, especially the cast of Saturday Night Live. The town hall debate between Trump and Clinton is no exception for Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin, who reprised their roles as the candidates with hilarious results.

Like when McKinnon nailed down Hillary’s attempts at coming off as casual.


And, well, just Baldwin’s face whenever he impersonates the Donald.


But the real star of the sketch was Ken Bone…just like the actual debate itself.


Check out the entire hilarious bit below.

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