This Clever 6-Year-Old Ordered $200 Worth Of Christmas Presents While Her Mom Slept

Thanks to all the glories of modern technology, we can order holiday gifts with the touch of a button. The simplicity is beautiful — all the phone needs to bring you holiday joy is a fingerprint. Security and efficiency; what more could you want?

As it turns out, even a touch ID can’t protect you from the conniving mind of a 6-year-old. 

6-year-old Ashlyn Howell from Little Rock, Arkansas surprised her parents this Christmas — by racking up a huge Amazon bill on their account. 

Ashlyn’s mother, Bethany Howell, knew trouble was afoot when she received 13 confirmation notices from Amazon about recent Pokémon-themed purchases. At first, she and her husband believed their account had been hacked, but their daughter made sure to clear things up for them: while Bethany slept on the couch, Ashlyn gently took her mother’s thumb and used it to unlock the Amazon app on her phone. The 6-year-old preceded to order $ 250 worth of Pokemon paraphernalia. 

This seems particularly enterprising for a young child — perhaps she’d ordered it by mistake? “No, Mommy, I was shopping,” Ashlyn confirmed.

Ashlyn’s little shopping spree is indicative of a larger problem. 

Male hands using mobile banking

A 6-year-old’s ability to break into her mother’s account emphasizes just how simple it is for people to hack these online retailer apps. 

Luckily, the Federal Trade Commission is trying to crack down on companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon to put in place a more secure system to avoid these kinds of hacks. In the meantime, the commission suggests wearing gloves while you nap. 

…You never know when an enterprising toddler will try to steal from you. 

So, what happened to all the Pokémon gear?


The Howells were only able to return four of the items (and returning too many items will get you banned from Amazon, FYI) so it looks like those toys aren’t going anywhere. Ashlyn’s mother, however, informed the future hacker that Santa would not be delivering all those presents this year. (h/t KENS5)

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