Someone Replaced President Trump With His Terrible Disney Animatronic And It's Hilarious

In case you didn’t hear the news earlier this month, Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents reopened after months of delay with a new addition — President Donald Trump. And the animatronic was immediately mocked online for looking absolutely nothing like President Trump. 

So Twitter user Born Miserable decided to Photoshop President Trump out of several photos and replace him with his robot counterpart in what may be the best series of tweets on the Internet. 

“I’ve done several Trump Photoshops and when I saw that animatronic figure, I just thought it would make more sense to put it in place of him — just about as much of a human being as he is,” Born Miserable told Mashable

Somehow, it makes this photo look even more evil…

Even a robot needs a break every now and then.

There was the time President Trump mocked a disabled reporter…

These are the best photoshops ever. And social media users seem to agree…

That’s one way to round off the year. 

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Sia Releases Nude Pic Of Herself Before Someone Can Sell It

Celeb nude photo leaks are an unfortunate casualty of our entertainer-worship. There’s a huge market for these candid, private photos of actors, actresses, musicians, and public figures, like “The Fappening” back in 2014, when a huge hack resulted in tons of celebrities having naked pictures of themselvesleaked online.

The “skin trade” of entertainers probably won’t be curbed any time soon, but there are some people battling against it. Some are attempting to classify stolen nude photos as a sex crime, while others are using a different kind of approach.

Like Sia, who, when she discovered that someone was attempting to sell nude photos of herself to her fans, decided to tweet the picture instead.

The pop star mega-genius who writes for the likes of, well, pretty much everyone, posted a watermarked image of her naked bottom on her Twitter account with the following message:

Obviously, everyone on Twitter was a fan of the tactic for multiple reasons. The first, being Sia’s sheer audacity and ability to remove any power that the blackmailer had.

For others, it was because they were digging that Sia was clearly digging her own body.

For others, Sia’s move was the ultimate power play.

By demonetizing this creep’s way of making money, they’ll possibly have to hijack another celeb’s photos to steal. But just imagine: If the human body becomes desexualized and people start realizing that having meaningful relationships is where the real action is at, will pervs like this have a leg to stand on in the future? Sounds like Sia gets it.

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This Story Of Someone Interrupting A Creepy Date Is Truly Inspiring

Oh, the “Nice Guy.” The dude who thinks you owe him time attention and probably sex just because they didn’t immediately call you names or they helped you move a couch once. All women have met them at some point, and a Reddit thread on the phenomenon contains many a sad tale about an abusive Nice Guy. 

But amongst the bad stuff, Bored Pandafound a story from a user named ThrowAwayForPancakes told an incredibly well-paced and heart warming tale about someone stepping in when a Nice Guy was openly threatening a woman in a restaurant:

Too good to be true? Maybe, but let’s believe it is and enjoy it as much as the commenters did:

I want to believe in a hero cowboy! He doesn’t have to be nice. Just good.

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New Yorkers Cleaned Up A Subway Carriage After Someone Drew Swastikas All Over It

New Yorker Gregory Locke got on the subway yesterday to find that someone had vandalized every advertisement and window with Swastikas accompanied by hate speech such as “Jews belong in the oven.” 

At first, people didn’t know how to react, and as Locke puts it, “the train was silent as everyone stared at each other, uncomfortable and unsure what to do.” That is until one guy had an idea. If you’ve ever traveled on New York public transport, you’ll know that hand sanitizer is imperative if you want to avoid catching the plague. And since alcohol is perfect for wiping off sharpie, people got to work.


And it worked pretty well, once everyone on the carriage for involved. “I’ve never seen so many people simultaneously reach into their bags and pockets looking for tissues and Purel,” Locke wrote in a Facebook post. “Within about two minutes, all the Nazi symbolism was gone.”


Locke continues: “‘I guess this is Trump’s America,’ said one passenger. No sir, it’s not. Not tonight and not ever. Not as long as stubborn New Yorkers have anything to say about it.” 


Locke’s Facebook post has been shared more than 286,000 times since it was posted just a few hours ago. Hundreds of commenters applauded the New Yorkers for cleaning up.

“My city is under attack,” one commenter wrote. “New Yorkers coming together to make sure love wins. I love my city, and we are seeing the best of us when they show us the worst.”

Another commenter added:  “Thank you for sharing this and thank you for not remaining silent.”

Leave it to New Yorkers to roll up their sleeves and get on with it. 

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Girl Confesses The Worst Present She Bought Someone For Christmas And Twitter Chimed In

I was recently talking with a friend who was really struggling to come up with a great gift idea to get for his mother this Christmas. My friend and I all tossed out ideas, but they didn’t seem to hit the mark for my pal, as he really wanted it to be special.

It’s tough finding the perfect gift for someone who means alot to you. But sometimes if you get a present for someone you’re only supposed to care about, you find yourself in really hot water.

Because you’re carelessness, thoughtlessness, or just sheer lack of preparation or whatever usually leads to some pretty crappy gifts.

Like this girl who asked Twitter what the worst Christmas gift they ever got for someone was.

Admirably, she kicked it off.

Then other people began sharing their own shamelessly crappy gifts.

Some were literally crappy, too.

Others meant well…

Hard to top some of these.

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Someone Created A 23-Foot Tall Godzilla Out Of Straw As The Perfect Autumn Ornament

Most people celebrate Fall with pumpkin spice lattes, jackets, and haunted hay rides.

But all that seems like chump-level lameness to the highest degree when you see what this Japanese dude made out of nothing but straw.

I’m talking a 23-foot tall mother-flippin’ Godzilla, baby.


It was built to celebrate the fall harvest and looks absolutely, positively, freaking awesome.


Because if you’re going to celebrate the arrival of pumpkins and squash and whatever the hell else you reap in Autumn, you better do it right.


And it doesn’t get any more right than building a huge straw monument to the king of the monsters himself.


Now I know what you’re thinking: you want to attach a gas line to his mouth and light it so Strawzilla appears to be breathing fire.


All that fire near highly flammable straw is a bad idea…but thanks to the magic of electricity…


This celebratory fall monster monument can look even more terrifyingly awesome at night.


Why does Japan get all of the cool stuff?

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Someone Ranked The World's Best Melting Cheeses In The World And I'm Salivating

Hey, you like, cheese, right? And if you’re lactose intolerant, like me, then I’m so so sorry. (Not like it stops me from eating it, though.)


And there’s something especially amazing about melted cheese. Seriously, almost every savory dish in the world can be improved by adding gobs of melted cheese to it. My stomach may not agree with it, but I can tell you, my heart definitely does.

But when it comes to melting, not all cheeses are created equal. Insider had the opportunity to speak with the manager of Murray’s Cheese at NYC’s Grand Central Station, and here’s his definitive rankings of the worst and best cheeses for melty, delicious goodness.

Sheep’s milk cheese kinda suck for melting purposes.


Cheeses like Manchego, roquefort, and feta aren’t the best when it comes to melting, due to their higher protein and butter fat contents. They tend to just release oil and “sweat”, rather than spreading their cheesy love all over your food.

High moisture cheeses are pretty damn good for melting.


Cheddar and gouda, due to their high moisture content, make them prime candidates for melting. REAL American cheese, not those crappy Kraft Singles, are a good pick, as are red wax and smoked gouda cheeses. Yum.

Soft cheeses made from cow’s milk.


Greensward. Brie. Harbison. Yeah, they sound all like the super fancy cheeses put adjacent to figs, dried fruit, and grapes on a wooden cutting board during a cocktail hour, but they’re also amazing cheeses for melting. You just need to put them in the oven for a few minutes and then you can start dunking whatever you want in the melted goodness before you.

Alpine cheeses are the best melting cheeses, hands down. Game over. Nothing else to see here, people.


Gruyere, emmental, comte, challherhocker; pretty much any cheese that comes from the Alps are known as the “foundations of cooking”. Which is kinda crazy once you consider that they achieved their delicious flavor and texture accidentally.

Because it was difficult for people to transport large quantities of salt up to the Swiss Alps, the cheeses had to be made in copper kettles with much less salt, resulting in the superior meltiness that we enjoy in Alpine cheeses.

Aren’t you happy you’re that much more knowledgeable about cheese now?

the more you know psa public service announcement the mo you know

The more you know, people. (h/t insider)

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26 People Share The Absolute Worst Reasons They Had Sex With Someone

We’ve all had some pretty shallow reasons as to why we had sex with someone. For lots of guys, they want to break the “dry spell” after a breakup. Sometimes you just like their hair, or think that they’re impersonation of Crang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is on point (guilty).

We’re usually not proud of these reasons and oftentimes we’d be horrified if anyone found out. But thanks to the wonder of the internet we can enjoy a little thing called anonymity.

And since not everyone in the world is a super-hacker, and since many of us are not even worthy of being hacked, people are ready and willing to share their deepest, shallowest secrets: like the worst reason why they ever had sex with someone. Thanks to Reddit, we can see these gloriously cringeworthy reasons by people kind enough to share.

  1. Tired of arguing.

  2. *Shrug*.

  3. Never for pity.


  5. That’s one way to get over a breakup.

  6. Hamburger helper.

  7. Surprise nudes.

  8. Tale as old as time.

  9. The consolation.

  10. Big mis-STEAK.

  11. Spur-of-the-moment present.

  12. Hat trick.

  13. Jumping bones.

  14. Oh my God.

  15. Tacos.

  16. Suicide screw.

  17. Idiocy.

  18. The Uncanny X-Men.

  19. Too tired to blow.

  20. Nice guys sometimes win.

  21. Sadly, all too common.

  22. Waiting for a miracle.

  23. Innkeeping.

  24. Rude if you didn’t.

  25. Tag-along.

  26. Challenge accepted.

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