This Mom Loves Taco Bell So Much She Had Her Maternity Shoot In One

Kristin Johnston loves Taco Bell. Like, a lot.

So much so, that she wants her love for the Bell to be passed down to her children, apparently.

I mean, why else would someone have a maternity photo shoot at arguably the greatest fast food chain in the world?

During her pregnancy, Johnston had tons of cravings for one of America’s healthiest fast food spots on the regular, so she thought, why not honor the franchise that gave her so much joy in a series of professional photos showing off her baby bump?

Johnston wrote about her reasoning behind the unusual venue choice for her glamorous maternity photo shoot on her blog, Strollers and Stilletos.

She mainly attributed her decision to do something outside of the ordinary, as she was a bit tired with the “glamorous” and “ethereal” photoshoots with “awe-inspiring” backgrounds. I have to agree, it does get a bit hackneyed.

So she and her “sister friend,” Kelly Daniels, who happens to be a professional photographer, went to a Taco Bell location in Atlanta and produced these fabulous photos.

And when I say fabulous, I mean pretty darn fabulous. Just look at how awesome these are.

Every part of the Bell was utilized in the shoot. Whether she’s cheesin’ at the counter.

Or showing off her baby bump with some mild sauce.

Johnston managed to make a Taco Bell look as ethereal and majestic as any foamy, pebble peach of mountainous valley.

People were in love with Johnston’s declaration of fast food love.

And as it turns out, she wasn’t the only pregnant Kristin with a love for T. Bell.

Could you blame her? I mean, if I had the ability to gestate a fetus, I’d probably want to get a maternity shoot at Taco Bell, too. What do you think?

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Woman Says That Taco Bell Is 'Racist' Because They Don't Have French Fries

Being drunk and ordering fast food is a time honored tradition, but there are some rules. Don’t puke and don’t give the cashier a hard time. Fortunately, this possibly wasted girl in a Taco Bell managed not to vomit, but unfortunately she made a few Taco Bell employees pretty miserable.

In this two minute clip posted to YouTube, a woman approaches the counter and attempts to order a “medium fries from the dollar menu.” She is absolutely sure she is in a Burger King. The cashier explains that they have tacos or burritos, because this is a Taco Bell. The employee sounds a little sarcastic, but just barely considering the situation.

Then the customer turns to address the other patrons as though they’re gonna back her up, saying, “This is racism at its f—king finest.”

Someone off camera says, “It’s not, girl.” Thank goodness.

But she insists, “No, it is.”

At this point the cashier tries to help her read the menu, which she seems to be struggling with, but the woman decides to leave. Though she doesn’t seem to know exactly what’s going on, she at least knows she’s embarrassing herself.

Oddly enough, some Taco Bells are serving nacho fries, which are potato fries with a cheese dipping sauce. But it doesn’t seem like that’s what this woman is referencing, much to everyone’s amusement.

Being too confused to know what you’re eating is one thing, but don’t politicize Taco Bell. You’re ruining everyone else’s buzz.

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17 Dastardly Confessions From Taco Bell Employees That Ruin It For Everyone

Taco Bell. You either love it, or you’re wrong. No other chain in the history of chains has ever been able to feed you well when you were down to your last three dollars on a Thursday night when you were hungry, dare I say starving, and your direct deposit wouldn’t hit for another 7 hours on Friday morning. Do you know what you get from Chipotle for $ 3? Chips and Salsa or a fountain drink.

Now before you read these, please keep in mind that anything negative is due to Taco Bell’s good natured attitude towards humanity being taken advantage of by someone undeserving, and anything good is due to Taco Bell’s ability to bring out the best version of a person.

While I may be slightly biased in my views of the restaurant itself, we can all appreciate these confessions for what they are; funny, infuriating, weird, and one that’s actually kind of sweet.

  • 5 second rule

  • Served with a side of pettiness

  • Noble, but secret’s out now

  • Persistence is a good thing to have in that industry

  • The strategic burning of bridges, I see

  • Who knows how many lives this person has saved

  • That isn’t the Taco Bell way

  • Might have to get the NSA to trace this one

  • Wait until you work a sales job

  • They should pay a fine for such heresy

  • I don’t speak Spanish and even I can pronounce ‘Crunchwrap Supreme’ fluently

  • It gets more complicated than hard or soft shell?

  • You’re just a terrible human being

  • You’ll be the first of us to turn into a zombie

  • Does that mean they’re better?

  • I know people that eat mustard packets while they run. Same thing I guess.

  • I hope you hooked him up with a double order for the trouble.

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