Actor Jason Segel Is Taking Photos Next To Small Doors And People Can't Stop Laughing

It’s hard to say exactly where actor Jason Segel is right now. I’m guessing Europe. Maybe England or Belgium. Somewhere that a lot of house were built hundreds and hundreds of years ago, where being tall meant breaking five feet. At 6’4″, Segel isn’t going to fit into any of these tiny doors without bending over, but the pics he’s been taking of his wanderings through Tiny Towns are amazing:

When a bit is good, it’s good:

What a great series! We’re really hoping it continues throughout whatever vacation or shoot he is on, but all of Segel’s photos are pretty good. 

Here he is looking small, for once, next to this giant artichoke:

But the doors are the big hit:

And all the How I Met Your Mother gifs we can handle:

Marshall did hang around a lot of doors, come to think of it.

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Man Trolls Police For Taking Part In Gay Pride—And It Immediately Backfired

Wales held their annual Pride weekend, Pride Cymru, over the weekend. Thousands attended the events in Cardiff, which featured a faith tent for the first time, with people from different religious backgrounds celebrating their place in the LGBTQ community. Worship was also led by a bishop for the first time. 

Among the more than 100 organizations that took part in the parade was the Wales Air Ambulance, who sent their mascot to join the events alongside the mascot of South Wales Police. 

Police officer Rich Lewis took to Twitter to share a photo of the two…

But not everyone was impressed. 

So Wales Air Ambulance decided to reply with the obvious…

You can feel the heat from that burn from miles away. And most of Twitter could feel the burn, too…

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32 Animals Taking A Break Because Being An Animal Is Hard

I used to have a dog that would sleep for around twenty hours a day. The remaining four hours were spent looking for a good space to sleep. He would normally settle for the same spot where he always slept. 

My family and I would always wonder what he was doing that was so exhausting. Being a dog sounds like a pretty sweet gig. 

As it turns out all animals need to sleep. (Who could have guessed?) So we have collected some of the best sleepers. Please enjoy. I am going to take a nap.   

  1. This big boy who just has an big day


  2. These friends who are ready to call it a night

    My day is made

  3. This exhausted mom

    Mamma doggo does a love on her puppers

  4. Who says calves can’t be cute?

    Calf falling asleep on lap

  5. Being born is hard work


  6. Dreaming of High Fives

  7. Small hamster. Big dreams.

  8. This bean bag chair is mine by right of sleep


  9. No. No more playing today.


  10. A very cozy sleeper


  11. This book makes a good blanket

    Bored Panda

  12. Always forward


  13. A recipe for disaster


  14. A very sleepy muse

    Bored Panda

  15. We all get tired after eating

    Bored Panda

  16. Just rotate the room 90 degrees


  17. Nailed it


  18. They’ll never find me here


  19. Ugh, just carry me

    Hollis J. Works

  20. Exercise is hard


  21. City life is exhausting


  22. Drink your squirrel

    Paul Williams

  23. Puss in boots


  24. A perfect bed


  25. It is like they were made for each other

    Theron Humphrey

  26. This can’t be comfortable



  27. This is not a toy


  28. This kitty recovering from surgery

    cutest paw

  29. This cat doubling as a T-Shirt design

    cutest paw

  30. Sleepy Hot Dog

    cutest paw

  31. Who needs bunk beds?

    cutest paw

  32. A fluffy, sleepy pretzel

    cutest paw

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Twitter Is Taking Us Back to 1995 When Trump Last Paid Taxes And It's Hilarious

After intense speculation about Republican presidential nominee and champion of women (jk) Donald Trump’s financial history, the New York Times released several pages of his 1995 tax returns. According to the Times, Trump lost $ 916 million in income that year, meaning he’d be able to take advantage of a rule allowing him to “cancel out an equivalent amount of taxable income over an 18-year period.” 

…So, yes, it’s possible that Donald Trump has not paid taxes since 1995. Since this revelation struck the Internet on Saturday, the hashtag #LastTimeTrumpPaidTaxes has been circulating on Twitter, taking us on a trip down memory lane to that glorious year. 


Let’s just say the technology situation back then was a little different. 

Ahh memories. 

Never forget. 

It feels like a lifetime ago. 

We would hardly recognize the entertainment world in an age of tax-paying Trump. 

TBH, we’d forgotten that there was a time when we couldn’t watch these stunners’ every move on TV. 

Was there any point to the music industry back when Trump paid taxes? 

…On, right, There definitely was. 

Actually, back when he paid taxes, Trump was entering a very suitable side gig in entertainment. 

And MTV was in its glory days. What a time. 

It really has been a long time, hasn’t it? 

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21 People Anonymously Share The Secrets They're Taking To The Grave

If you’ve ever played the original Tomb Raider you’ll know that the game had a pretty stupid saving function: you could save at any point in time in the game. 

Like right before Lara Croft was tumbling in a pit towards her very doom. The Playstation version of the game didn’t have an auto-save function either, so wherever you saved it, that’s where you had to pick the game up at.

So a friend of mine, let’s call him Jack, decided to play his older brother’s (John) file of Tomb Raider where he had made it to the game’s final dungeon, because Jack couldn’t be bothered of going through all of the trouble of making it to the end himself. Jack heard the twist of the front door and John’s voice, so, in a panic, he mashed a bunch of buttons and accidentally saved the game as he was falling into a pit. This was some 19 years ago and John still has no idea Jack ruined Tomb Raider for him.

It’s a story Jack will take to the grave, as are these tales a bunch of Redditors decided to share online.

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