BRB, Nutella Is Now Hiring Taste Testers at Its Factory in Italy

There’s no such thing as a perfect jo— or is there? Nutella is now looking for taste testers to come to their factory in Northern Italy and get paid to eat the addicting chocolate hazelnut spread. 

The Ferrero Company is looking for 60 taste testers to be exact, and the part-time position will require four hours of Nutella eating weekly, which can be spread out over the course of two days (pun intended). A competitive salary is also included for the gig and the best part: no experience necessary. The only requirements are that candidates not have allergies and are familiar with using a computer. 

Here is the complete job listing, which was originally posted on Openjobmetis: 

We are looking for people who would like to learn how to taste cocoa, hazelnut grains, and other semi-finished sweet products.

A paid training course (beginning in September and lasting three months) will aim to educate the sense of smell and taste and improve the ability to express in words what will be perceived with the tasting of semi-finished products.

At the end of the course, candidates deemed suitable will be hired with a long-term supply contract with a part-time commitment of two days per week of two hours.


We're not even sorry.

So, where can you sign up? If you’re willing to relocate to their headquarters in Alba, Piedmont to work in the adult version of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, the chosen ones will start on September 30. Candidates will first undergo a three-month course to hone their senses of taste and smell, according to La Reppublica. After that, the top 40 will make up two tasting panels of judges. 

So, in a nutshell, Nutella needs candidates who aren’t highly educated in nutrition or taste to spend two days a week tasting their products — and get paid for it. We can bet there will be no shortage of aspiring employees (because who doesn’t love Nutella). Employers need only to look on Twitter for a handful of qualified and willing participants. 


This isn’t the only dream job that has popped up recently that validates our love of junk food.  Remember when a discount retailer in the UK was hiring for a “Chicken Nugget Connoisseur,” to taste test their range of frozen food products? Or when Doritos was looking for an in-house taste tester and “superfan” abroad to eat and pitch ideas for new creations?  

“We know our fans are like no other and are bold enough to prove their loyalty to the temple of tortilla,” the company wrote at the time. “We want to reward this dedication which is why we’re offering up one year’s bragging rights to the most devoted Doritos Superfan in the UK. This prestigious honor offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to be at the forefront of the crunch revolution.” 

However, there were some requirements for the job including but limited to, a minimum 2 years Doritos-eating experience and the ability to eat well under pressure. 

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Ryan Reynolds Just Got A Taste Of His Own Medicine With Blake Lively's Happy Birthday Burn

If there ever was an actor who earned the title of “Absolute Gem” on social media, it’s Ryan Reynolds.

Whether it’s providing these amazingly hilarious responses to fans dirty tweets, or golden nuggets about the joys of parenting like this treat below, the man always delivers.

Now you might’ve remembered this incredible birthday wish Reynolds gave to wife Blake Lively on Twitter that had the internet cackling with joy.

The man is a master of sarcasm and sincere-cynicism, did you expect him to give a standard, Happy Birthday tweet to his significant other? If you thought that, then you probably don’t know Ryan Reynolds at all.

And even though Blake’s never been one to shy away from proclaiming her feelings for her hubby, she also proved she can go toe-to-toe with the Happy Birthday jokes, as evinced by the following tweet:

Tit-for-tat. Crop-for-crop. Ryan for Ryan.

People loved Lively’s savagery and ability to dish out the same sweet photo-cropping revenge against her hubby once his birthday rolled around.

I can’t wait to see what Reynold’s response will be. For now, though, Lively’s definitely winning the Happy Birthday war.

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