People Are Roasting The 23andMe DNA Test With These Hilarious Memes

I can get why people are obsessed with the origins of their ancestry.

One: because it’s cool to know where you came from and chart all of the different ethnicities and parts of the world that had to be involved to culminate in the creation of you.

There could be any number of reasons a person would want to know the origins of their genetic makeup and there’s no shortage of services that’ll do that for you.

Like the popular service, 23andMe. It’s gotten so popular, in fact, that people have used its test results template to create some hilarious memes.

It’s the perfect vehicle for making references to popular song lyrics.

People have also been using the memes to make fun of themselves.

They’re just so, so, so good.

This person was shocked to discover that a significant portion of their genetic makeup is Irish soda bread.

While others use the meme as an opportunity to catch RDJ’s attention.

This person was shocked to discover they were made out of clothing.

The finds were just super fascinating.

This Twitter user found a review that I hope is some kind of twisted joke while signing up for 23andme’s service.

In recent news, there’s been some trepidation about ancestry sites, as many are afraid the DNA testing facilities are just fronts to collect user data and then dole out that data to whoever they see fit.

The concerns were originally raised when it was revealed that the Golden State Killer was helped identified by an ancestry service similar to 23andme.

So even if your personal data’s being given out, at least you can console yourself with the fact that a killer was caught because you maybe gave away some of your privacy, yeah?

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Airbus Test Flight Spends Five Hours Drawing A Christmas Tree Over Germany

The holiday season is fast approaching, and to get us all in the mood, Airbus decided to give one of their test flight crews based in Hamburg, Germany, a pretty bizarre flight plan for their five hour test of an Airbus A380. 

Why did the flight plan have them going in circles? Because they were drawing a Christmas tree, as this flight data from air traffic website Flight Radar shows…

And yes, they did add a tree topper. Which just happens to cover the length of neighboring Denmark. 

One concern social media users seemed to have was the amount of carbon dioxide emitted drawing the tree. 

Flight Radar explained that the flight is actually a test for the Airbus A380, so it would be up in the air even if it wasn’t drawing a Christmas tree.

They also shared the flight data from a similar test flight across the United States, where the route drew a plane. 

In general, people on social media seemed to think it was pretty cool. 

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This Kid Hid Test Answers Behind His Nails And The Internet Is Screaming

Twitter user @glxzwdwyws, who lists his name as Andrw, had to pass a physics test. He may not have been prepared to study for it, but he was definitely ready to spends what looks like hours on a manicure for it. He put all the formulas he needed to pass the test behind each nail, then splashed some sort of Jackson Pollock inspired art on top. This. Is. Genius:

The internet is blown away by Andrw’s skills. His tweet has completely blown up, and he was so overwhelmed by attention that he was sure he’d be getting a note from the principal’s office any second. Instead, he passed his test! But you know what—even if you failed, Andrw, it would have been WORTH IT.

Everyone is so inspired by Andrw’s ingenuity, they’re rushing to improve on perfection and throw in their own ideas for cheating:

Unfortunately, for some…it’s too late.

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Oklahoma Cops Offer To Test Meth To Make Sure It's 'Gluten-Free'

Oklahoma Cops Offer To Test Meth To Make Sure It’s ‘Gluten-Free’

It’s always awesome whenever cops have a sense of humor.

Maybe it’s because cops are such intimidating figures, and seeing those blue and red lights behind you when you’re driving is one of the worst feelings in the world, but when they remind the world that they’re people with a sense of humor, it feels pretty darn good.

Which might be why the Tecumseh, Oklahoma Police Department’s post about a hilarious way to crack down on crystal meth is so great.

They’re offering free “gluten tests” to citizens who bring in their meth to ensure their illegal narcotics are gluten-free.

Celiac disease is serious business and people afflicted with it can suffer from very painful and dangerous side effects from ingesting gluten. Unfortunately, gluten-free eating has been adopted by hipster foodies and is treated as a joke by pretty much everyone, including cops who are trying to bust meth-users.

And if you’re crazy enough to try meth, I think that whether or not it’s gluten-free would be the least of your problems. But if you’re tweaking on some crystal, who knows what your thought process is?

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Can You Pass The U.S. Citizenship Test?

Attention, drunk and proud patriots. Despite all the American flag beer koozies and patriotic swimwear you’re breaking out for the Fourth Of July weekend, you may not be the most informed U.S. citizen. In fact, it’s likely that recently-naturalized citizens know more U.S. trivia than you do, since they actually had to take a test on it…. And you probably haven’t been quizzed about the three branches of government since middle school. So, proud Americans, give it a shot. And please get at least a 20/24. These are embarrassingly easy. 

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