These Two Cousins Have Exchanged The Same Birthday Card For Forty-Seven Years

In a world where birthday wishes are delivered via a Facebook post of an embarrassing photo from childhood, it’s hard to remember a time when actual paper cards were exchanged. Indeed, whimsical greetings were written by hand and exchanged without a reminder from the Internet (side note: does anyone remember the last time they licked an envelope?)

Well, as it turns out, not everyone has adopted the impersonal, 21st-century approach to birthday greetings. Two family members are giving us serious #FriendshipGoals with their shared birthday card. Redditor LincolnsLostSpeech uploaded a picture of the card which belongs to his fiancée’s uncle and his cousin.

The two have exchanged the same birthday card for FORTY-SEVEN years. It was purchased for twenty-five cents back in the day. 


Typically, re-gifting is considered rude, but it’s pretty cool when it happens ninety-four times. And hey, the card said so. It’s in surprisingly good condition too— we would definitely have spilled a birthday cocktail on it by now.  

Could this family be any cuter?


Well done, Bill and Steve. 

The Internet can’t get enough of the cuteness. 

The picture of the card has been viewed nearly two million times in just two days.

It even brought back some nostalgia for a Redditor with a similar experience. 

…Anyone else suddenly in the mood to start cute family traditions? We’re having some major feels. 

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These Badass Women Celebrated Their 100th Birthdays Together As A #Squad

Long before the days of TSwift, Selena Gomez, Cara Delevigne, Karlie Kloss, Hailee Steinfeld, and Gigi Hadid were Gladys, Ruth, and Bernice. Yes, Taylor and the crew have a long way to go before their squad reaches the legitimacy of these three women who celebrated their 100th birthdays together in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. 

Gladys Butler, Ruth Hammett, Bernice Underwood, and the late Leona Barnes were all born in June and July of 1916 and have been best friends ever since. 

getty images

According to The Washington Post, the four “played jacks and hopscotch and jumped rope together.” They attended the same church for years and three of them even had children in the same year (1933). During the celebration Butler, Hammett, and Underwood sat next to a painting of their missing squad member, Barnes.

It seems like they had quite the birthday celebration. 

The women presented a video in which they discussed their lives and shared their centenarian wisdom (which we should all pay attention to if we’re hoping to make it to 100). Partygoers shared memories and photos of the unbeatable trio throughout the years. Even D.C. local government got involved in the festivities— D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and City Councilman Brandon Todd offered birthday wishes. 

And it wouldn’t be a truly incredible story without Oprah making some kind of appearance. 

One of the ladies’ fellow churchgoers worked as a makeup artist for Oprah Winfrey and convinced the TV Queen to record a video for the original #Squad. Winfrey wished them “the grandest and greatest” birthday, and was in awe of their goddamn longevity. “The things you must have seen over the last century,” she mused.

And, we have to say, we really want to join this particular squad. 


Old age hasn’t seemed to affect them much— Underwood and Butler still live on their own. “I still dance,” Underwood said. “Sometimes by myself.”

…Step aside, squads under 100. (h/t washington post)  

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These Are The Hilarious Emergencies A Dog Would Have If They Could Dial 911

Sometimes dogs have emergencies, like when they can’t find a good place to hide their treats and walk around the house crying. Twitter user Reverend Scott believes that they have so many problems that they need their own 911 service. Here’s an idea of what that would look like… 

Man’s best friend in action. 

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