Kim And Kanye Revealed The Name Of Their Third Child And People Can't Handle It

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has their first child and named her North West, it seemed obvious what direction things would go in. Obviously, their next three kids would be South West, East West, and eventually West West. But when you expect Kimye to zig, they zag.

Little Saint West was born, adding a much holier dimension to the family. When the couple announced they were expecting a third child via surrogate, it was anyone’s guess what was coming.

Now, here she is. Chicago West.

Kim also RTd this, for the folks not sure how to pronounce Chi, because they’re not from Chicago. It’s like “shy.”

Kim and Kanye can’t go for a walk without the Internet weighing in, so you better believe people have thoughts about named a kid after a major metropolitan area:

I understand why people are freaked. Celebrities are generally known for giving their children really ground, average, and unremarkable names. Also for hating drama and attention. 

What do Kim and Kanye think they’re doing??

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This Third Grader's Plan For Dealing With Donald Trump Has The Internet Divided

Adults aren’t very good at dealing with their problems, but third graders apparently have it all figured out. Kelly Cohen, a reporter for NBC Washington, recently took to Twitter to share a piece of homework reportedly from one of her friend’s third grade students. 

You can probably guess why she had it hanging in her apartment… 

Some users weren’t happy with the third grader’s perception of Africa.

While some pinned the blame on the media. 

Others focused on other aspects of the homework. 

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Everyone Is In Love With This Third Wheel Cat In A Dog's Relationship

This is Kiko and Watson, two beautiful labs who delight the Internet with their adorable hugs and smiling faces on the Instagram page dedicated to their love:

But there’s a third wheel intruding on their couple’s time.

Harry, the cat:

Kiko and Watson’s relationship frustration is the Internet’s delight. These are some good boys who will be good to their cat friend, even if he is a bit of a hanger on:

It’s complicated, but it works:

These three are a very adorable reminder that love looks all different ways, even polyamorous and inter-species. 

Though no relationship is purr-fect:

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