Trump Threw A Hannukkah Party Last Night–And The Guest List Left People Enraged

Rarely one to take the high road, President Donald Trump decided to use this year’s White House Hannukah party to send a very partisan message by not inviting the majority of Jewish House members — Democrats — to the festivities.

A mere 300 guests attended, instead of the traditional 1,700 bipartisan attendees.

Fresh on the heels of Trump’s controversial declaration that Jerusalem is now the capital of Israel, the Republican Jewish Coalition and America First Action (Trump allies) hosted the White House’s version of the “Festival of Lights” in a room flanked by Christmas trees and evergreen garlands. The event featured the lighting of a small menorah by Trump’s young grandchildren, who are being raised in the Jewish faith by his daughter, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. 

As you can imagine, this did not sit well with liberals:

Some Twitter users tried to help us envision the intimatefête:

The two Jewish members of Congress who were invited, out of 30 Jewish congressional leaders, were Republican Representatives Lee Zeldin (NY) and David Kustoff (Tenn). Trump also left Reform Jewish leadership and progressive Jewish activists, many of whom have been critical of him or his policies, off this year’s guest list.

Jewish organizations in attendance included those with far-right leanings, like Zionist Organization of America President Morton Klein who, according to the New York Times, had himself been excluded from the annual White House shindig during Obama’s presidency. 

The NYT reported:

“He did not invite people who have been hostile to him,” Mr. Klein said in an interview. He should know. After being invited to the 2009 White House Hanukkah party during President Barack Obama’s first year in office, Mr. Klein was later cut from the guest list after condemning the former president in scathing terms. (Last year, Mr. Klein referred to Mr. Obama as a “Jew-hating anti-Semite.”)

Hold up! Speaking of Obama, let’s not forget this gem:

Twitter users remembered — and they had the receipts:

Actor and comedian Roseanne Barr tweeted in fawning support of Trump:

And was treated to an immediate smackdown:

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Ian Somerhalder Says He Threw Out His Wife's Birth Control Pills, And People Weren't Happy

Meet Ian Somerhalder and his wife, Nikki Reed. Cute couple, right?

In July, Reed gave birth to their first child, Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder. How sweet!

On a recent podcast called Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy, Somerhalder talked about that time he was ready to have a baby but Reed wasn’t sure. Here’s the couple talking to Dr. Berlin and his cohost, a midwife named Blyss Young:

Yeah, Twitter, we know.  This is really messed up:

Not surprisingly, the podcast has been deleted.

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Martha Stewart Just Threw All Of The Shade At Kim K's BFF Jonathan Cheban

Maybe it’s because of her stint in federal prison, but we always had a feeling Martha Stewart could take a b*tch down. She just has that look in her eye. Anyway, she just confirmed our suspicions with The Tweet To End All Tweets. It all happened on the Daily Mail‘s MailOnline yacht in Cannes. Stewart (and presumably, a lot of other famous people) were attending the publication’s ‘Seriously Popular’ party. The real celebrities, it seems, were joined by Kim Kardashian’s official ass kisser best friend and fame whore, Jonathan Cheban. And clearly, Martha is above being at a party with the most inconsequential character in reality TV history. 

The drama started when Cheban posted this photo to his Snap story, calling out Martha’s table manners. 


In fairness, we definitely read that in one of her books or blogs, right?

Little did he know, the domestic goddess was tweeting something very important. 

“He says he is well known.” Holy sh*t, Martha. We totally agree, of course, but we didn’t know that the Queen herself was capable of this level of Twitter feuding. And she probably single handedly destroyed his career with that one. 

Twitter was very amused by the shade and totally had her back.

Then she followed up with this gem:

“Who knew?” So sassy, Martha. 

And we should probably address the greatest response to all this shade. 

Very true. 

Apparently it was all in good fun, because Jonathan tweeted a picture of them hanging out. 

We’re a little skeptical, though. 

And, as one Twitter user reminded us:

He can probably handle it. He’s been known to throw some shade as well. 

…He kind of deserves the infamy. Props, Martha. 

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Boxer Destroys Two Guys Who Threw A Cigarette At This Girlfriend

My father always taught me not to pick fights with people that can hit harder than you. Or their loves ones for that matter. These two guys casually hanging out in a tunnel could probably do with the same lesson. CCTV footage posted to LiveLeak yesterday shows one of the men lobbing what seems to be a cigarette stub at a woman’s hair as she passes.

She just happens to be walking with her boyfriend, who’s reportedly a boxer. And if he isn’t actually a boxer, he sure should be…

Sweet, sweet justice.

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Reddit users were pretty inspired too.

Some users have said that the clip could be fake, but we truly hope it isn’t. 

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