Ivanka Trump Claims She Went Through A 'Punk Phase,' And People Are Skeptical

Chances are that if you were anything between a tween and a teen in the 90s, you probably had a punk phase. The Offspring, Paramore, Green Day, and a bunch of other bands often frequented either your CD player or cutting edge 128mb mp3 player. Eventually the punk lifestyle would grab hold and everything from temporary tattoos to animesque hair colors fell under the ‘punk’ moniker for most parents, which includes Ivanka Trump’s mother as told in the pages of her new memoir.

Ivanka wrote about it in her mother Ivana’s new book Raising Trump and said that at one point she dyed her hair blue and was ‘really into Nirvana.’ The thing is, no one is really buying it.

She didn’t provide any photos so folks had to use their imagination.

There was also a problem with her alleged punk obsession.

It was pretty evident for people that actually did dye their hair blue and listen to Nirvana that Ivanka’s punk rock phase was nothing more than a cheap attempt at trying to relate to millennials.

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The 28 Most Embarrassing Things Parents Have Ever Put Their Kids Through

Embarrassing your children is the most important thing you can do as as parent. You know, after feeding them. And I guess making sure they are are safe is important, too. Of course, you are also going to want to make sure you instill some good values in them, as well. And you have to make sure they have a roof over their head. That seems kind of similar to making sure they are safe, but it feels different enough where it is worth mentioning. 

And if you have two kids, you are going to want to make sure they get along with each other. Also, make sure that they both are fed and are safe. Really, I guess this is the same list as before just doubled. I mean, they only need one roof but…

Whatever. My point is that embarrassing your kids is the most important thing a parent can do. Or maybe it is in the top five most important things. You know what? Let’s call it ten. 

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Trump And Clinton Ran Through The Streets Of NYC On Last Night's 'SNL'

There’s two words most Americans will probably use to describe this election: fed up. The constant mud slinging, the political attacks, the sophomoric arguments, and the fact that a multiple-failed sexist businessman who owes almost $ 1 billion in unpaid taxes and a career politician with zero enthusiasm except for furthering her own career are our presidential candidates is kind of sickening.

We all just want it to be over.

And Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon, during their final Trump-Clinton debate felt the same way. So they broke character and started running through the streets of New York, embracing ‘random’ people on the street.

But that doesn’t mean they didn’t get a lot of digs at each other before a classic cold open packed full of jokes.

And even though the last bit was part of the sketch, the idea that we just want this crappy race completely devoid of respect to be over will hopefully be a step in the right direction for whoever’s running in the next four years.

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