Armpit Tattoos Are The Latest Ink Trend To Flood Instagram

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Don’t just dip your toe in the water; jump in pits deep with a trendy armpit tattoo. People everywhere are inking themselves up on one of the most sensitive areas of the human body that is not NSFW. It looks pretty cool, but it does make me wonder—who gets to see these?

The pictures on Instagram under the hashtag #armpittattoo are a beautiful museum of all the secret pictures people want to carry in their pits. Though some are very intriguing, it only seems worthwhile to do if you either need to desperately hide that you have a tattoo or you have a job where people are always looking there. Maybe as a professional basketball player? But check them out for yourself and decide if you’d let someone stick a needle into your tickle zone:

The real secret here is that armpit tattoos aren’t a brand new thing. Like all trends, they’re a repeat of something an older generation already covered:

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Freckle Tattoos Are The Latest Trend That's Puzzling The Internet

Yeah, so this is really something people are really doing: getting freckles tattooed on their face, in the same vein of cosmetic tattooing as eyebrow tattoos. Eyebrow tattoos seemed to really catch on, so this could genuinely sweep the country. Get used to the thought: the freckles you’re seeing on that stylish girl in front of you might be an expensive facade!

The tattooed freckles usually look very cute, which is good, because they’re semi-permanent—meaning they can last three years (some of the tattoos are, in fact, completely permanent, BuzzFeed warns).

Warning, however, if you’re thinking of getting tattooed freckles—when they’re first applied, they’re extremely dark, which can look weird until the ink fades.

Many people are really skeptical about the trend, of course, and I totally include myself in that group.

Like many of these people, I’ve had freckles all my life, and I haven’t always enjoyed them. But then I remembered that as I’ve gotten older, my freckles have faded a lot, to the point where they’re not even noticeable if it isn’t summer. I do genuinely wish they were darker again!

Enough to get them tattooed back on? Well, maybe not.

I might not have consistent freckles, but at least no one is poking my face with a needle.

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These Slippers Made From Goat Hair Are The Hottest New Trend And They Only Cost $1,800

Some people have more money than sense. Just look at the people willing to pay Apple $ 159 for their new wireless headphones that will go missing within 10 minutes of use.

If you’ve ever bought anything from Gucci, you know just how expensive they are too. And now, they’re trying to get people to pay $ 1,800 for these slippers than can only be compared to Donald Trump’s hair.

The worst thing? They’re actually sold out. 


The Net-A-Porter describes these monstrosities as “one of the most talked-about designs from Alessandro Michele’s debut runway collection.” And suggests that you “wear them with floaty skirts and dresses, or keep it casual in jeans.”

Users on social media had a different interpretation, making the obvious comparisons. 

Others were just too shocked to believe that these were even a thing.

Fashion has offically gone too far, i’m calling it.

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