Women Troll Guy Who Accidentally Started Group Chat With All Of Them

Guys, just a heads up. If you’re going to talk to multiple women on Snapchat, don’t make the mistake of creating a group chat when you’re intending to send the same message and photo to those women. That’s what Kyle did. Don’t be a Kyle. 

Twitter user Elizabeth, aka @Springbreak2005, recently took to the social media platform to share the conversation that took to place after Kyle, a college student, accidentally invited a bunch of the women he was talking to into the same conversation. 

They were gentle with Kyle at first…

And then it descended into craziness… 

Looks like they won’t be needing Kyle any more. 

Your loss, Kyle. 

Unsurprisingly, Elizabeth’s tweet went viral with over 100,000 retweets and 380,000 likes. And yes, we got a photo of the cute dog. 

We’re all in agreement. 

Some women missed out on the group conversation. 

Dammit, Kyle. 

Let this be a warning to you all. 

Hopefully he learns from his mistakes. 

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Southwest Airlines Just Gave The Ultimate Clapback To A Twitter Troll

Southwest Airlines Just Gave The Ultimate Clapback To A Twitter Troll

Everyone loves messing with airlines lately, and for good reason. If they can torment us, the least we should be allowed is to blow off some steam once in a while. Unfortunately, it’s usually underpaid sales reps dealing with it, not high powered executive monsters. But that means the people on the other side of your complaint might actually be worthwhile people! 

Twitter user @xadoringpaige shared screenshots of their conversation with a Southwest Airlines rep, in which they accuse a certain flight attendant of some very disappointing service:

After making up an elaborate story about a stewardess calling them a “fattie” for asking for extra sugar for their coffee, they lay the blame on one of the most notorious plane servers of all time:

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And the service rep, Linnea, was ready with the perfect comeback! It’s so good, you have to wonder if there’s some sort of Britney Spears recognition software programmed into their response mechanism. Maybe this happens all the time? If it didn’t before, it will now.

@xadoringpaige has thousands of retweets on that convo and is starting to get pissed about the free press for Southwest. They want a free ride:

No such thing as a free ride, unfortunately. Just ask Britney, b*tch.

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