Girl Gets Added To Soccer Mom Group Chat And Can't Stop Trolling Them

Sometimes the best things in life happen when you just ride the wave. Obviously this doesn’t apply to every situation. Like when a ship’s sinking and you need to get off and find a lifeboat, maybe it’s best if you stop engorging yourself at the seafood buffet and focus on saving your life.

But other times in life, there’s tons of fun to be had by just saying yes to a situation. Would you like fries with that? Yes. Would you like to come out tonight instead of staying in and browsing memes all night? Also yes.

Would you like to pretend like you’re one of the soccer moms on this group chat, despite being added to it accidentally? Well Facebook user Christi Rantis Lally user said yes to this situation and it provided some hilarious results.

Watch all the drama unfold below.

Why aren’t pudding cups acceptable snacks? Is it because you need to eat them with a spoon? Or the sugar content??

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People Are Trolling Burger King's New 'O.K. Google' Commercial With Epic Results

People Are Trolling Burger King’s New ‘O.K. Google’ Commercial With Epic Results

When it comes to marketing, you’ve got to think outside of the box.

Simply getting on camera and talking about how awesome your product is doesn’t really do it for consumers anymore. We’ve become a little too jaded and savvy for that.

So you’ve got to think outside of the box, something that Burger King thought it was doing when it prompted customers to ask their Google device what’s in a Whopper Burger. The actor in the ad says, “O.K. Google, what is the Whopper Burger?”

The 15-second ad seems harmless enough.

Now the problem with this, is that it pulls the data from Burger King’s Wikipedia Page. Once the Internet found it, it edited BK’s Wikipedia page with some hilarious results.

Depending on when you ran the commercial, the Whopper contains cyanide, dead children, woodchips, poison, or mustard gas.

People were quick to point out to Burger King that it was their own darn fault for trusting Wikipedia in the first place.

Others were just upset that Burger King would create an intrusive ad.

And thought the burger company had what’s coming to them.

While those in the PR and marketing business are saying that BK only benefits from the backlash because all exposure = good exposure.

As long as you’re thinking about burgers, you’re gonna get hungry sooner or later. Great, now I want one of their new chicken sandwiches. I guess it’s totally working on me?

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Wendy's Is Trolling Everyone On Twitter And It's Great

Wendy’s Twitter account has been on fire since their absolutely savage to a guy who said their burgers were frozen went viral earlier this week. They’re done putting up with your nonsense, and they’re not afraid to show it.






















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