Chrissy Teigen Starts Basketball Rumor About LeBron James And It Ends Up Being True

Chrissy Teigen Starts Basketball Rumor About LeBron James And It Ends Up Being True

Chrissy Teigen’s not just a model, TV personality, amazing cook with a penchant for delicious recipes, and Queen of Twitter who shuts trolls down by reminding them of her net worth, she’s also a clairvoyant.


Or at least an unintentional one.

Teigen recently became an accidental Nostradamus after tweeting that she wanted to start some basketball rumors

People were immediately interested in whatever trouble she was going to start. Because, knowing Teigen, it would be hilarious. Some got in on the action and served up some suggestions of their own.

Teigen ultimately settled on this extremely improbable one: that she spot LeBron James at an embroidery shop in Los Angeles getting his name put on a Jersey.

Now this was before it was officially announced that “The King” would leave the Cavs to go to another franchise. The league’s top player can have his choice of any team in the NBA and any one would be happy to have him.

Now there was a lot of talk of LeBron going to the Philadelphia 76ers or Boston Celtics…there weren’t many arguing that he’d head to LA. Yet here we are. And Teigen “called it” in a few hilarious tweets. She even provided “proof” of her made-up rumor.

Apparently some people didn’t get the memo beforehand and took Teigen’s claims seriously.

Which Teigen had the perfect response for.

As did many of her followers.

All of the joking was tickling Twitter pink…but it only got better when it was officially announced that James had indeed joined the Lakers.

Now Teigen found herself in an amazing situation: there were a bunch of people who were in on the original joke, and some who honestly thought she had inside knowledge of James’ move to the Lakers.

Which she found absolutely hilarious, of course.

It’s crazy to think that her joke actually came true.

For everyone who honestly thought that Teigen’s tweet wasn’t in jest and LeBron actually went to an embroidery shop…

…bless your hearts.

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People Are Sharing Unbelievable True Stories And We're Skeptical

Into even the smallest of lives, some unbelievable wonder falls. Too bad no one will believe it. Even if you have a reputation for brutal honesty, there are some things that happen to a person in their life that you better have witnesses for. 

Twitter user @mhoye decided to give everyone an opportunity to air these special events by asking followers “what’s the least plausible story about yourself that’s true.” The request blew up, because apparently a lot of people have been sitting on some crazy-ass stories for a long, long time.

Some comments are clearly jokes, but most of the stories are almost too weird to make up—or a little too on the nose, like this story about being related to the creator of Pinocchio. Is your nose growing, @AJLorenzini?

There are several stories of muggings that turned out surprisingly well:

Though one openly incorporates lying:

Sure, the ferrets made your dad not go to work:

Does anyone believe Tommy Wiseau had an acting coach?

This just sounds like bad audience etiquette:

There are stories that incorporate famous people, like Mr. Worldwide:

And also famous locations, like a movie set contaminated with poop:

But the stories of coincidence might be the best ones:

And the stories that remind you to clear all your past debts to society ASAP:

Some of these stories seem like they were lifted from the movies:

Both rom-coms and horror flicks:

Or maybe an animated movie about plucky pets:

But basically nothing that has to do with science or medical trauma seems real. How do any of us manage to live so long?

And how do you say no to Justin Bieber? The answer is apparently that you can’t:

But I believe this one, because nothing is more useful than a towel:

And this one, because McDonald’s is like this:

Whether you believe any of these stories or not, they make a fascinating read. And amongst all the tall tales, there’s a least this one guy who brought the receipts:

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This 'Harry Potter' Themed Starbucks Is A Dream Come True

San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing and everyone wants in on the action. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a local Starbucks in Hilton Bayfront has made their eatery Harry Potter themed in honor of the weekend’s special devotion to all things magical. They even changed their doorway to look like the entrance to Platform 9 3/4, but this ride takes you to caffeine town instead of Hogwarts.

The place has paid remarkable attention to detail, with lots of special signs that all true Harry Potter fans will likely lose their minds over, much like reporter Sydney Bucksbaum who has been going wild on Twitter:

Though she’s hardly the only one: Lots of journalists who need a hot cup of java to get through the long lines are stopping by.

But Bucksbaum’s enthusiasm may be the funniest:

Though there is one place she still can’t go:

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Our Christmas Wishes Came True And McDonalds Will Deliver In 2017

We’ve all been there. It’s late. You’re in a comfortable cocoon of sweatpants. But suddenly, the crving strikes; you need chicken mcnuggets and fries, stat. But what are you to do? You simply cannot leave the couch, and you might be a little drunk. The McDonald’s drive-thru is not an option. 

…We’ll tell you what you do. You order McDonald’s FOR DELIVERY. Yes, this is real life. 2016 threw some nasty curveballs our way, so we deserved some happy news. 

2017 is going to be a good year because McDonald’s announced that the chain will be testing a delivery service in select cities, beginning in January. 

Don’t get too excited just yet. Chances are, you may not get to get Big Macs sent to your door right away — it may take some time before delivery service hits your city. 

To no one’s surprise, Florida is the first lucky state that will benefit from this miracle. 

McDonald's To Invest $ 3 Billion In Renovations, 1500 New Restaurants
getty images

Attention, residents of Orlando, Tampa, and Miami. 200 restaurants are partnering with UberEats to bring you those glorious golden-brown fries, hangover Egg McMuffins, 

As with other partnering restaurants, customers can track orders and delivery time through the app. 

If the service is successful in Florida, McDonald’s will expand delivery to other cities. 

Okay, Florida, DO NOT MESS THIS UP FOR US. Our late night McFlurry binges depend on it. 

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Troll Beads Are A True Fashion Favourite

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The glass beads and charms in the Troll beads collection are positively divine and will stand out at any occasion. Again, the choice of beads can be perfectly matched to your disposition or outlook on life. If you are a cheery and upbeat person, summer shades and designs will fit perfectly with your demeanour. If however, you are a more reclusive and quiet personality, more restrained designs and patterns could match your viewpoint on life. It can be good to have a variety of products so that no matter what mood you are in, you will be able to accessorise perfectly.

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