Spider-Man Surprises Unsuspecting Starbucks Customers In Viral Prank Video

Meeting Spider-Man would be extremely exciting, but you probably wouldn’t expect him to just be at your local Starbucks, picking up some coffee on his way to a meeting with The Avengers. He’s supposed to catch you as you fly through the air after an attack from the Green Goblin. Then you’re already screaming, unlike all these people who were calmly waiting for a caffeinated beverage before their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man dropped out of the ceiling.

That’s when they started screaming:

The prank was set up to promote Spider-Man: Homecoming, but that’s not Tom Holland in the suit. Though Holland is admirably lithe and able, he is not a professional stunt-man, unlike Chris Silcox, who is usually the body inside the suit. His account isn’t verified, but some guy named Chris Silcox on Instagram sure loves dressing up as Spidey and running around town, so I’m fairly certain this is him:

Mashableinterviewed Silcox and the ad group that came up with the idea—they had to find a Starbucks with high ceilings so they could build a false one for Silcox to crouch in, then tie him up in a harness to await his targets. It’s actually kind of nerve-wracking to watch. While some people are thrilled to meet a Marvel super hero, enough people screamed that I was a little afraid Spider-Man would get a cup of hot coffee in the face.

Silcox said the best part was, of course, the kids:

“When a very bright upside-down superhero appears out of no where, what do you do? Little kids seemed to take to Spider-Man best, which was funny! [They thought,] ‘Of course Spidey’s here … Why wouldn’t he be here to grab a Cap’n Crunch Frappuccino?! It’s hot out!’ Plus, if a mocha latte was thrown at me, the amazing baristas working with us — who were actually working and gave every single person we surprised a drink and a smile — would have helped me clean my Tony Stark suit in a jiffy.”

This whole thing definitely made me excited for Spider-Man the film, and also for an absolutely enormous cup of coffee. I mean, who knows who I’ll meet?

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Unsuspecting Mom Signs Her Therapy Dog Up For A Furry Convention

Unsuspecting Mom Signs Her Therapy Dog Up For A Furry Convention

A beautiful truth is that we never get too old to experience new things. If you’re open minded and try to get out there, there are all kinds of opportunities to discover parts of the world and communities you never even knew existed. Just like this guy’s mom did when she took her dog Link to the Motor City Furry Convention last week. 

Senior producer at New York Media, Kenny Wassus, shared these delightful images of Link having an out-of-body experience on Twitter, as he’s surrounded by humans in dog costumes, sent to him by his mother, Cheryl Wassus. Cheryl works for Pets For Vets, an animal therapy group for war veterans. 

The Furry Con had chosen Pets For Vets as their charity, because dressing up and hanging out in a banquet hall isn’t enough of an event in itself, apparently. NY Mag reports that the Con raised about $ 10,000 for the organization, as well as raising Cheryl’s awareness about certain subcultures. She gave a very funny interview about her experience, seeming respectful yet amused.

Cheryl says that before the event, she had never heard of furries aside from the “gigantic Easter-bunny costumes at a local egg hunt” in her neighborhood. Based on the name, she expected to be representing her organization at an animal convention. Link is a trained therapy dog, but he’s young and she likes to take him into new situations so he can get comfortable with the unexpected. They were both tested that day. 

“This is just a whole subculture I wasn’t even aware existed,” said Cheryl, “When we set up tables and do promos and educate the public and do outreach, I had no idea the outreach was going to be other human … furry people. I guess you’re never too old to learn.” 

But what about Link? How did he deal under fire? Cheryl says, “It was a little embarrassing at first because Link was just a little curious why people were wearing tails, so he was doing some serious tail-sniffing and checking out people. They weren’t offended, though, they just embraced him. It was all good. Just a real interested community.” They sure are.

Cheryl mentions that Link did seem a bit nervous at times, probably because it seemed like he was surrounded by giant dogs. She was particularly worried about the guy above in a “black wolf costume” but despite appearances, she says they got on fine. She says it was her favorite costume and the guy “seemed to really enjoy Link” as well. The convention sure did:

Despite the sexual aspect of furry culture that many people outside of it are familiar with, there are also a number of people who use their costumes as a way to have friendly interactions they might not be able to face on their own. Cheryl says she spoke with the mother of one furry who told her that her son had difficulty in social situations before discovering furry cons. 

“Her son got into it,” explains Cheryl, “And she said sometimes they [furries] don’t have the confidence to move around comfortably — socially, in groups — but they put on these costumes, and they’re transformed.” 

Cheryl says that the furry convention didn’t stir any new interests in her, but she did enjoy her experience there. Link has also recovered. Maybe one day he’ll be able to enjoy furries as much as this doggo:

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