The New 'Star Trek' TV Series Just Debuted, And Viewers Have Strong Opinions

The hotly anticipated Star Trek: Discovery kicked off on Sunday night with a two-episode premiere. The show’s very presence has been divisive for fans, some of whom took issue with the diverse casting of the lead roles, with Michelle Yeoh playing the Starship captain and Sonequa Martin-Green as her first officer. There was also the whole confusing about people paying “extra” for Netflix or CBS All Access to get to the show, though people do pay “extra” for HBO and basically most of the channels on television.

But the response from fans has been largely positive. Many are thrilled to see some diversity on their screens and exploring space:

Others think it just looks gorgeous:

But some people are still resistant to change, or are withholding judgement for the full series to come out:

But everyone should be able to admit that the producers understand their audience on a couple important levels, at least:

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