President Trump Just Tweeted Another Violent Image At CNN—Happy Holidays!

Christmas is a time of family, joy and reflection when we all gather to revel in merriment and reconnect with loved ones we haven’t seen in awhile. Carols are sung, eggnog is poured and time is taken to evaluate the lessons learned in the prior year to better utilize them during the next.

President Donald Trump on the other hand, has taken this opportunity to further his WAR on CNN, whom he considers the leader of the “Fake News” mafia.

Yes, the president chose Christmas Eve as the perfect time to retweet a blood-spattered shoe meme with the caption “WINNING,”  attacking CNN.

The original tweet was sent by a staunch supporter of 45’s, whom the President felt needed a larger audience.

Stay classy.

Well if that doesn’t scream ‘Happy Holidays!’, I don’t know what does.

CNN’s “State of the Union” anchor, Jake Tapper, first noticed the tweet and replied:

Twitter was equally disgusted…

Is anyone keeping score? Do we know who this round goes to? It’s certainly not the American people.

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Trump Tries To Delete Violent And Controversial Retweet, But Keith Olbermann Has The Receipts

On Tuesday, August 15th, just three days after a white supremacist drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing one woman and injuring at least 19 others, President Donald Trump retweeted an image of a train running over a man with the CNN logo superimposed over his face. 

Perhaps realizing that sharing this cartoon days after such a public tragedy was even more unacceptable than it normally would be (which, in a normal world, would be completely unacceptable,) the President then deleted the re-tweet. 

Before he pulled it, however, many of the Trump’s critics, including Keith Olbermann, captured the image and are now spreading this glimpse into the President’s psyche across the Internet.

Twitter users were disgusted.

One Twitter user noticed an important detail.

Others posed an interesting legal question…

Interestingly, Trump’s tweets ARE considered Presidential records, so deleting them is definitely illegal. However, during Barack Obama’s presidency, a system was put in place that automatically records all tweets, even the deleted ones, which would fulfill the law’s mandate that all of Trump’s records are kept in tact. However HOWEVER, if the President tweets things from his personal account rather than his official POTUS account, it’s unclear whether the White House system is recording them. So, basically, there’s a lot of details that would need to get ironed out before we know whether Trump has committed an illegal act.

Legal or illegal, at the very least Trump’s tweet displays his hypocrisy and true callousness in the wake of a terrible American tragedy.

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