Someone's Trying To Edit Wikipedia And Erase This Problematic Information About The President

Joe Lieberman has solidly emerged as one of the front runners for the newly-vacant position of FBI Director. Considering his law firm has a lengthy history of representing Donald Trump, many people think there’s a conflict of interests there.

Not this person, though. 

That potential conflict of interests might be behind the Wiki-War that’s been happening on the law firms page. Someone keeps trying to remove all references to Donald Trump. Reporter Lachlan Markay posted the edit history for their page on his social media, pointing out where Trump was removed from a list of notable clients.

Curious, Markay went on to check the IP address that made the changes to see if they’d made any other edits. It turns out, they had. The user removed Trump’s name from that client list several times because admins kept putting it back. The user also adjusted the Wikipedia entry for Trump advisor Stephen Miller and the entry for Trump’s State of the Union address. Both edits were pro-Trump.

When you look up the location for that IP address, it happens to land you very near to the address for a Trump delegate in Alabama.

The map of the IP location is on the left, the delegate address on the right.

Twitter user @KateInVenice pointed out that the Wikipedia page wasn’t the only place Donald Trump’s name disappeared from. Trump’s name is now missing from the law firms website as well, specifically from Joe Lieberman and Marc Kasowitz’s attorney profile pages.

It went from being listed first to not existing at all. 

People don’t seem too impressed by how obvious these changes have been.

Jokes were made at Trump’s expense pretty quickly.

Wikipedia has since locked the law firm page so that it can no longer be changed. It remains to be seen whether the edits on their website will be reversed.

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Guy Edits Himself Into Band's Wikipedia Page To Sneak Into VIP Lounge

Regular concert goers know the importance of arriving early at a venue when there isn't any assigned seating. After all, no one wants to get stuck in the very back of a GA show, craning to see the stage over everyone's bobbing heads and cell phone lights. This is infinitely more important if the band playing happens to be popular in your area because you know the place is bound to be packed.

Adam Boyd went to see The Sherlocks perform in Manchester, UK with a few friends, but got to the venue late and as a result had a pretty crappy view. Where Adam Boyd failed, Drunk Adam Boyd came to the rescue with a creative solution that made him the envy of every rule-following concert goer in the world.

wiki 1

The band consists of two pairs of brothers, but they got another family member courtesy of Boyd's fast-moving Wikipedia edit.

wiki 2

This isn't the first time a fan has used a Wikipedia edit to get a better view of the band, and it most likely won't be the last. He shared evidence of his shenanigans on Facebook, who in turn shared it with the rest of the world.

facebook 2facebook

No word on whether the bouncer charged with guarding the VIP room faced any repercussions, but after hearing about the story, it seems like the headliners for the night didn't mind.

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