These Parents Wrote The World's Funniest Letter From The Tooth Fairy

Henry Warren’s son Sam recently lost a tooth, and Warren decided the tooth fairy needed to respond in a way that encouraged his son to get better at dental hygiene. The resulting letter will prepare Sam for a lifetime of dealing with dodgy gym membership contracts.

After the ingenious letter went viral on Twitter, Henry Warren spoke to BuzzFeed about Sam’s reaction to the tooth fairy’s correspondence. Apparently, Sam was “rather chastened,” but “one is never too young to be exposed to petty bureaucracy.” After all, the Warren family is British, and it apparently is the British way.

“Whilst the tone may have come across as a touch harsh, we think people should take the time to appreciate how hard it is being a tooth fairy in Theresa May’s Britain,” said Henry. “The Department of Tooth Fairies (DoTF) has not been immune to austerity. Barry’s hours are long, the pay is poor, (the free dental is obviously a plus) but overall it’s a tough gig.”

“We’re sure that Barry was just processing the tooth through the proper channels,” Henry said. “He’s a stickler. One has to be these days.”

From the Twitter response, it seems like Henry is inspiring other parents to take similar action. Pity the poor children who will get similar letters from pedantic tooth fairies in the future.

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This Teen Built The World's Smallest Satellite And Got Major Props From NASA

This Teen Built The World’s Smallest Satellite And Got Major Props From NASA

When I was 18-years-old, I didn’t even know how to take out a student loan without my mom’s help.

Rifath Shaarook, on the other hand, built the world’s smallest and lightest satellite.

Oh yeah, and he earned respect from NASA, along with accolades in first place in a competition the agency co-sponsored called Cubes in Space.

Shaarook built the 65gram (0.14lb) device as an exercise in demonstrating how well carbon fiber performs when 3D printed.

His invention is now set for a sub-orbital, four-hour mission in outer space.

During this short mission, the tiny satellite will be fully operational for 12 minutes in space’s micro-gravity.

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“We designed it completely from scratch. It will have a new kind of on-board computer and eight indigenous built-in sensors to measure acceleration, rotation and the magnetosphere of the earth,” he told Business Standard.

Shaarook named the little tech-wonder after India’s science-loving former President Abdul Kalam. He calls it KalamSat.

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Kalam spearheaded many initiatives and paved the way for the country’s aeronautical scientists to make great advancements in space exploration for India.

Shaarok’s background is a humble one. He comes from a small town in Tamil Nadu and is currently working as a lead scientist for Space Kidz India.

The program encourages and promotes young children and teenagers in India to study science and education.

Shaarok also has a history of invention. For example, three years prior, he built a variation of a helium weather balloon as part of a nationwide young scientist’s competition.

Again, I’d like to point out that at 18, I was just learning what an oil change does for a car’s engine. Color me impressed with this kid.

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The World's Best Dad Passed Out Candy On A Plane So His 3-Year-Old Could Trick-Or-Treat

Halloween is the greatest holiday of the year — especially when you’re under the age of 15 and don’t know what the word ‘metabolism’ means. You get to dress up and run from house to house demanding candy, and then you get to eat as much as you want! It’s a child’s dream come true. 

But one adorable 3-year-old named Molly was missing out on the first year when she was really old enough to enjoy the tradition, all because she was stuck on an evening flight with her dad from Boston’s Logan Airport to San Francisco International Airport. 

But, according to Twitter user Stephanie Kahan, the “Dad of the year” wasn’t about to let his little girl miss out on the trick-or-treating fun — so he passed out candy to everyone on the flight to give her as she walked down the aisle. 

The candy came with a note that read:

Happy Halloween!

My 3-year-old daughter, Molly, was bummed that she wouldn’t be able to go trick-or-treating this year due to this flight… so I decided to bring trick-or-treating to her. If you are willing, when my little donut comes down the aisle, please drop this in her basket. You’ll be making her Halloween! If you’re unwilling, no worries, just pass the treat back to me. Thanks so much!


Has your heart exploded yet?

If not, let us remind you MOLLY WAS A DONUT FOR HALLOWEEN. 

The photos have been retweeted nearly 60,000 times in less than 24 hours — and Twitter can’t handle all the cuteness. 

Moral of the story: good is still out there. Even with presidential election anxiety looming over us, we have this reminder that there exist the kind of people who help their kids trick-or-treat on planes. 

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Someone Ranked The World's Best Melting Cheeses In The World And I'm Salivating

Hey, you like, cheese, right? And if you’re lactose intolerant, like me, then I’m so so sorry. (Not like it stops me from eating it, though.)


And there’s something especially amazing about melted cheese. Seriously, almost every savory dish in the world can be improved by adding gobs of melted cheese to it. My stomach may not agree with it, but I can tell you, my heart definitely does.

But when it comes to melting, not all cheeses are created equal. Insider had the opportunity to speak with the manager of Murray’s Cheese at NYC’s Grand Central Station, and here’s his definitive rankings of the worst and best cheeses for melty, delicious goodness.

Sheep’s milk cheese kinda suck for melting purposes.


Cheeses like Manchego, roquefort, and feta aren’t the best when it comes to melting, due to their higher protein and butter fat contents. They tend to just release oil and “sweat”, rather than spreading their cheesy love all over your food.

High moisture cheeses are pretty damn good for melting.


Cheddar and gouda, due to their high moisture content, make them prime candidates for melting. REAL American cheese, not those crappy Kraft Singles, are a good pick, as are red wax and smoked gouda cheeses. Yum.

Soft cheeses made from cow’s milk.


Greensward. Brie. Harbison. Yeah, they sound all like the super fancy cheeses put adjacent to figs, dried fruit, and grapes on a wooden cutting board during a cocktail hour, but they’re also amazing cheeses for melting. You just need to put them in the oven for a few minutes and then you can start dunking whatever you want in the melted goodness before you.

Alpine cheeses are the best melting cheeses, hands down. Game over. Nothing else to see here, people.


Gruyere, emmental, comte, challherhocker; pretty much any cheese that comes from the Alps are known as the “foundations of cooking”. Which is kinda crazy once you consider that they achieved their delicious flavor and texture accidentally.

Because it was difficult for people to transport large quantities of salt up to the Swiss Alps, the cheeses had to be made in copper kettles with much less salt, resulting in the superior meltiness that we enjoy in Alpine cheeses.

Aren’t you happy you’re that much more knowledgeable about cheese now?

the more you know psa public service announcement the mo you know

The more you know, people. (h/t insider)

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