The original Trollbeads were crafted from silver then gold

Trollbeads have made a long journey from their humble beginnings in 1970s Copenhagen to today, where they adorn the wrists of everyone, celebrities such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson and Emma Watson, your mum and –probably –you included.  In recent years, these charming trinkets have soared in popularity.  But just what is it that makes them so covetable?  In this article, we will take a brief look into the history of the troll bead, their many varieties and of course now that Christmas is on its way, gift ideas for those who have caught the Trollbeads bug.

Troll beads were originally invented by the Nielsen/Aagaard family in 1976, when amateur silversmith Søren Nielsen fashioned a small silver bead into a creation called “The Mask”, so called because the bead had six different faces on it, each of which changed expression as the bead was rotated.

The Troll bead system itself is based on a silver or gold chain onto which individual beads can be threaded and interchanged due to the clasp which can become detachable from the main chain.

As for the rise and rise of Trollbeads in popularity, you don’t have to look far to see why they are so ubiquitous amongst everyone from celebrities to the average Joanna (Or Joe –they’re not just for girls) on the street.  Individuality is a buzzword these days applying to everything from the places we eat and drink, to our social networking pages, to the number plates on our cars, to the slogans on our tee-shirts.  Self-expression is now big business and back in fashion, so perhaps it is little wonder then that Troll beads are now experiencing such a huge revival.  With hundreds of beads to choose from, you can literally create a design which is entirely of your choosing, to remove, swap around and re-design as you desire.

The original Trollbeads were crafted from silver and later went onto include gold, semi precious and precious stones and pearls.  Each Trollbead tells its own story, with beads depicting mythology, animals, flowers and every day objects.  Even beads related to science are available, or simply beautiful beads made from exquisite Italian glass.

And as Christmas draws near, what better way to show your loved one they’re a real gem (Sorry) than by giving them a starter Troll bead bracelet, or even a couple of additions to their new one?  As well as coming in a variety of different colours, Trollbeads are also available with themed beads to celebrate an achievement, a special occasion or just to act as a reminder of a fond memory.  One or two of these amongst a couple of silver spacer beads would be the perfect Christmas gift and is sure to make the wearer smile whenever he or she sees it.


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