The Troll Beads Company Is A Very Family Orientated Business

The Troll beads company is a very family orientated business, with various members of the Nielsen-Aagaards taking responsibility for different aspects of the company. Such closely knit family businesses are difficult to come by today, as finding a part of the company which would be suitable for each individual family member can be difficult, but with so many different skills needed from gold smithing to design, there appears to be a place for everyone in the Nielsen-Aagard family.
The story of the Troll bead begins in Copenhagen in 1976, when silversmith Sren Nielsen fashioned the first ever bead from silver. Named The Mask due to its six faces, each of which had a different expression, the bead was to become the first of many. They went on sale in the Copenhagen jewellery shop owned by Srens father Svend, and by the 1980s, sister Lise Aagard had opened a second store and was soon exporting Troll beads to various countries the world over.
The unique design also lends something to the popularity of Trollbeads. The bracelets, which apart from the original material leather can also be made from silver and gold, are also made with a removable clasp, which means that each Troll bead is interchangeable. Different colour and bead combinations can then either be added or removed. The versatility of the bracelet has made them incredibly popular, and many comparisons have been made between traditional charm bracelets and the Troll beads bracelets owing to the ability for the wearer to compose their own personal story on their bracelet, by for instance adding a bracelet denoting a special occasion, event or milestone.
Since self-expression has become so popular in recent years, perhaps it not all that surprising to learn that the Troll bead has made a comeback in such a big way. Their universality means that they can be worn by both sexes, and their ability to look simultaneously classic and contemporary means that they can be worn by people with a wide range of different tastes.
Trollbeads make ideal personal gifts for family and friends. There are themed beads available referencing a huge range of subjects for those who are looking to build a bracelet which means something personal to them. Apart from the beautiful handmade Murano glass beads which are available as well as fresh water pearls and spacer or stopper beads, there is also a huge range of different gold and silver beads. The design of the Troll bead is also immensely versatile, as the bead is large enough to be formed into a variety of different recognizable designs, but also small enough to fit on to a bracelet. Various designs include animals, plants, mythological figures, references to astronomy, science, music, mythology and even origami as well as simple everyday objects, meaning that the wearer can create their own Trollbeads story and wear something which is unique and personal to them.

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