This Japanese 'Library Hotel' Is Every Book Lover's Dream

I’ve never stayed in a themed-hotel, but I think it would be pretty dope to stay in a hotel that caters to something you especially love, like this Spongebob Squarepants vacation home.

But if Bikini Bottom isn’t necessarily your scene, you could always stay at this library hotel in Japan.


Book and Bed is a hostel that’s designed to look exactly like an old-timey library and has been attracting traveling bibliophiles since it opened last year.


It originally opened in Tokyo, but its surge in popularity led its owners to create a second book-hotel in Kyoto.


Bunks are under $ 50 a night and come with a lamp, an outlet, a privacy curtain, and storage space for your personal belongings.


You also have access to a huge selection of books in both English and Japanese, a communal living space, robes, and free WiFi.


There’s also a cool bar where weary traveler’s can booze up while reading a good book.


The Tokyo location only offers up 12 beds, while the Kyoto hostel, which opens on December 2nd, provides up to 20.


If you’re a book-loving traveler or just want a quiet, homey single-bunk hostel experience on the cheap, you should definitely check it out next time you’re in Japan. (h/t mymodernnet)

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